Outfit: Leopard Print and Blue

Greetings Fashionistas,

I have a grand appreciation for Fridays now that I'm a career woman. Whether I'm heading out for a night of fun, or relaxing while curled up on my sofa, it's just a time I seem to be looking more and more forward to each and every week.Oh boy....guess this means I'm getting old, lol. Anyhew, it's both my brother and my nephew's birthday today. So happy bday to two of my favorite peeps!!! I absolutely LOVE you guys! Tonight I'm headed back home to celebrate with the family. Tomorrow, I'll be a busy bee. In the morning, I'm attending a 5K Walk and Health Fair, then I'm going to church for a women's bible study, then my mom and niece and nephew will be over to go have fun at the fair. I am going to make sure that I restrict my junk food consumption to only a corn dog. At least Sunday will be a little more relaxed....I think.

My outfit posts have been slacking in terms of inspirational style. Honestly, besides the All-Star weekend pics, I have not been up to getting creative with my outfits.......blame it on stress. But I sure have been shopping my behind off! As a matter of fact, I'm done shopping for the rest of the month. I need to remember that I'm traveling every month from March to September of this year. I have to give my account a rest. SMH But, I will introduce you to one of my recent purchases. It's a cute little number....literally.

Say hello to my little skirt. Isn't she adorable??? From this angle, my legs look absolutely gawgeous!!! Haa.....sometimes you have to compliment yourself ;-)

Oh my goodness!!!! I promise it didn't look this short on the model, LOL!

Before this moment, this clutch at never seen outside the walls of my closet, LOL. It's mainly because I am only able to pack a cell phone in it. That's why I looovveeee oversized clutches.

Earrings and Necklace - Nordstrom
Sweater - Express
Clutch - can't remember
Skirt - Forever 21
Boots - Aldo



Unknown said…
Cayute skirt girl, yes them legs looking all baby oiled and shiny and smooth! Gone girl lol, I can't wait to get to Florida to meet ya, u seem like a blast :) have a great weekend :)

issatchieu said…
Cute length on the skirt! Flirty yet fun to wear :))
it looks like u've been packed all week with programs.
Birthdays, travels and bible studies and 5k walk AND health fair...WOW where do u find all the time for everything!?? Im so impresed *THUMBS UP

Take it slow in the weekend babe! enjoy it with leisure. :)

check out my new post! :)
Sarai said…
You can't go wrong with animal prints! I never wear such pretty looking skirts though so think I would feel weird wearing it lol xoxo
I love that skirt you have on, so so so so hot.
Unknown said…
Love the skirt!
Unknown said…
Love that skirt!!!! You look super cute!
Beauty or Swaag said…
yes that skirt is adorable & i love your boots !

Sazi Efionayi said…
hmmm looking hawt on them skirt....fierce fierce..

Trinnah said…
Love the skirt! I absolutely adore skirts like that. I know what you mean about it not looking that short on the mannequin / model. LOL! Love that you wore booties with it. :)
Anonymous said…
It is short but it works! it would not look that cute on me! Work it!!! LOL!
G. said…
Swee mother Mary I envy those legs! sheesh.