Outfit: Green with Envy

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Happy Tuesday! I'm running behind, per usual, so here's a quick post on what I wore to church last week. 
Enjoy your day good people and remember to strive for greatness on an hourly basis. We're more than conquerors ;-)

I love this green top from BR. I bought it like 3 years ago and the color has never faded nor has the fit become unshapely.

Hmmm....now that I'm taking a closer look at this pic, please ignore the fact that my belt is a wee bit too tight around my waist. You should never create "puckering" in the garment when seeking to define your waist. Whoops!

Curling this hair takes so much out of me, lol. And doesn't it annoy you to take the time to curl your hair and that mess falls as soon as you walk out the door??? Good grief! I think that heffa, Mother Nature, is just jealous of me. I swear she's out to get me *tee hee hee*

As I've told you guys before, I'm a little obsessed with pleats and polka dots so the fact that this skirt has mini pleats around the entire bottom just tickles my fancy ;-)

Haaa! I look good and grown! This is definitely my conservative business look that I wear to church as well as in the board room. I incorporate some of my signature style by way of accessories. The edgy, yet nondescript bag and jewelry are definitely moi!

I really like these earrings but unfortunately they get "lost in translation" when my hair is down.

I bet ya'll don't see that extra strong Victoria's Secret bra outline. SMH!

Earrings - Forever 21
Sweater - Banana Republic
Belt - Off Saks 5th Avenue
Rings - Street vendor/F21
Skirt - gift from mom
Handbag - Nordstrom Rack
Heels - Steve Madden



Simply Tasheena said…
Classic attire!

Mrs. Delightful
You look so so chic, that green top is so cool, looks perfect on you.
Unknown said…
You look great darling.. I know what you mean about the hair, I've been trying the natural twist out route and had to basically come into work with a beehive today.. Love the green on you and the skirt, adorable!
I love how humble you are. You inspire me. You balance a social life and work which I still have a problem doing.
LA Lynn's said…
HA!!! We see your Secrets... Shhhh... don't tell Victoria!!!! lol

U STILL look'n good girlie!!! Those earrings are FAB!!!!
Ashley said…
Cute outfit my dear. Very Chic :)

Joy Shana said…
Love the top cute.
This is a classy look! Love the black and green together.
Jadore-Fashion said…
Love the green--so classy! Nice details on your bag!

Gillie said…
I love the color of that top, a perfect shade of green!

xo gillie
Unknown said…
very chic, simple, & classy I'm so loving it..I love that you're a chameleon with your style and that we never know what to expect which is super cool!
Girl, I tagged you, check this out http://drastic-plastic-fantastic-plastic.blogspot.com/2012/03/11-things.html
Unknown said…
Wearing my Fav Color.. and you look beautiful Doll...

Beauty or Swaag said…
green ! <3
& I really like those earrings girl!

The green colour looks great on you. Super outfit! -xo