Instant Outfit: - Hello Spring!

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Quick post this fab morning. I have a long day ahead of me but it should definitely be productive. Spring is my favorite season of the year. It's not too hot and definitely the winter chill has disappeared (at least where I live). Not to mention, the new styles and trends are available in retailers. You all may do spring cleaning.....but I'm propelled to do a bit of spring shopping. It inevitably happens each year around this time. SMH Anyhew, I'm put together an outfit utilizing a mix of bright colors and floral prints....two huge trends for spring 2012.

Floral Heaven

I personally love the floral print patterns....especially the one above on the corset from Topshop. I am also still searching for a pink blazer. It's true I've been distracted from my wishlist by......other wishlists I've made, but every time I see a fellow blogger or editorial featuring this brightly hued blazer, I'm totally envious.

I chose to pair our two trendy items with black accessories to tone down the bright colors a bit. Not sure why those sunglasses are hanging down like that......totally messed up my spacing.

So what colors or trends are you guys rocking this spring?



oomph. said…
omg, i have been searching for a hot pink blazer for a long time, too!! love it here with the black base florals!

This spring I think I'm going for green, a lot of green in my closet, or at least that's what I want.
Unknown said…
And this outfit would be so very cute! I need to do some spring shoppin'
I'm all about color this Spring and surprisingly, I'm clinging to bright pink!! LOVE IT! Also wanting that floral bustier now so thank you very much for the temptation :)
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Fashion Pad said…
@Baby Budget Blog....LOL, u know u don't need a reason to shop ;-) is a fabulous spring hue!!!

@oomph....let me know when u find one!

@localceleb....girl spring shopping is the BEST :-)
I love shopping in the spring. I normally don't go for floral prints but I think I may step outside of the box this year.
Vanessa V. said…
I love all in this outfit :)
Anonymous said…
And Hello to You Too! Great Fashions for Spring!!
Unknown said…
Lovely outfit combo, I love it..I can rock it anytime & anywhere!