11 Things.......

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Yesterday, I was tagged by one of my fav blogger homies, Tereza of Drastic Plastic for the "11 Things" post. Please check out her blog, she's fabulous!!! Honestly, I'm usually not really good at posting when tagged (ok, I never do), but I thought I've been tagged so much I need to show some courtesy and be a participant. So here goes....

These are the rules:
• Answer the 11 questions.
• Create 11 new questions and tag 11 bloggers. But.....I'm going to tweak the rules slightly. I'll share at the end.

1. If you would live in a movie, what would that movie be?
This is a tough one, but I think I'll say Breakfast at Tiffany's. The fashions in that movie   
were so glamorous and classic.

2. When you shower, you sing, I know you do, what's that song?
Child I'm like a jukebox. I sing and rap any song that comes to my mind. BTW, I think my shower has the most amazing acoustics. I sound like lil Whitney *tee hee hee*

3. Sneakers or pumps?
Pumps when I'm at work, at dinner, shopping, church, dates, running errands, etc.

4. Why do you blog? What made you start your blog?
Blogging is an awesome outlet for one of my passions.....fashion! I started blogging initially to help curb my shopping habits. It worked for a little while, lol. Then, I realized I liked sharing my love for this industry with others and answering fashion related questions. Blogging has allowed me to engage with so many fabulous individuals. SWEET!

5. "Girl crush", we all have them, who's yours?
I have too many in the Blogosphere so I'm going to choose a celebrity.....R&B singer Marsha Ambrosia is currently my girl crush.

6. When did you meet your best friends?
In pre-school.....and I haven't been able to shake off them heffas since, LOL.

7. What's the biggest fight you ever had?
I've never been in a fist fight so I'll have to say my Ex...no further comment necessary

8. The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
Hmmm.....romance for me is anything that involves showing that you are observant of my wants/needs and surprising me with whatever that may be. Soooo.....receiving a new bible was like the BEST for me. The dude got may-jah props for that.

9. What's your worst habit // quirk, something that even you know it's a bit wrong?
I have no idea....if my family or friends are reading this, please feel free to chime in...be gentle, lol.

10. Which famous fashion designer would you take in a bunker in case of a nuclear holocaust?
Christian Siriano.....he just seems so likable and funny as heck!!! And obviously he's super talented.

11. How is fashion going to look in 2052?
I think fashion will still be a mix of the old and the new (we love to "modernize" things) but I definitely believe we will be using more reusable materials, and environment friendly textiles such as bamboo so fluidity may be less seen in 2052 versus 2012.

So now that I've answered  my girl Tereza's  questions, I'm going to tweak the challenge and ask you all to answer the following 3 questions in the comments section (I can't choose 11, I don't want anyone to feel left out....sue me):

1. If you had to choose a uniform to wear for the rest of your days, what would it consist of and why?

2. Which celebrity wardrobe would you love to raid?

3. How has blogging changed your view of fashion?

I so look forward to reading all of your responses :-)



Sazi Efionayi said…
question pls....details of the fight...lol........i love ur hat,i dont mind adding it to my collection "winks"
Jeans and a good comfy top would solve me for life. Maybe Blake from Gossip Girl, I was once into fashion with creating my own trend, I stop for some time but the blogging community is bring that love back, I will explain on my blog one day. Nice outfit ;)
Thick Chick said…
Worst habit ...oh wait, not the one I said first, I just remembered something....don't you have some major frickin episode of clumsiness 2-3 times a week? Uhmmm, yea, that's it!
Thick Chick said…
For some reason, I don't think you got my first posts.. I'll try to restate:

Uniform: a beautiful maxi dress and lovely, expensive sandals- I'm calling that Miss America casual!

Wardrobe: those frickin' Knowles sisters all day! I'd raid the heck outta Solange and Beyonce!

Blog Changed me: I'll wear whatever looks stunning and fabulous on you (lol). Also, I like the way necklaces and earrings look together (wouldn't do that before). Go Ann, go Ann, whoop, whoop, get it get it, BOOM!

Your worst habit...idk if this a habit or even a bad thing, but too trusting...everyone's suspect, and a pedophile until proven innocent...ijs! Line'em up, fingerprint them, and call they momma and ask "harpo, who dis..." Lol

I changed it from what I said before slightly, but u get the gist (in case you got two of the same msg).
Fashion Pad said…
@Thick Chick .....LMBO....ladies, clearly this is one.of my bffs that I'm itching to get rid of, LOL!!!
Beauty or Swaag said…
i am in loveeee with marsha !!! ahh love her loll

1. I would probably choose boots , leggings, long tank, and a cardigan because its so comfortable, but you can change it up in so many ways !

2. I would love to raid kourtney or khloe kdash wardrobe for sureee

3. Blogging has helped me give certain clothing items that I wouldn't normally wear or go for, a second look!

: ))

YOU are one awesome lady!!! I love your answers so so much, thank you for doing this.
Unknown said…
Great post and I made sure I took some notes ;)
Rach said…
I always love reading fun facts about fellow bloggers. If I could raid a celebrity closet itd have to be Olivia Palermo's. Blogging has allowed me to venture into wearing things that I never would've seen myself wearing

1.) jumpsuit/ blazer/ pumps
2.) Solange has amazing style so I'd have to say her.
3.) since I started to blog, I feel better wearing things that I normally wouldn't.
Fashion Pad said…
I LOVE Solange....would definitely raid her closet!!! @Thick Chick @High Heels & Good Meals