Recap: Dinner with Stylish Friends

Greetings Fashionistas,

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I'm doing the stanky leg, the cabbage patch, and the dougie....ALL at the same time, LOL. Ya'll just don't know....or maybe you do. But I know that I'm thanking God for dousing me in grace because I had a really busy week and it was a tad mentally exhausting. However, I did get a ton of things accomplished and honestly, if the only thing I have to "complain" about is how much work I have.....I'm falling on my knees and praising the most high NOW! Ya'll can reread this while I take a few moments to do just that........

Now, my friends and I met up for din-din to get some business accomplished, as well as laugh our behinds off. Hey, its what we do. So we went to a restaurant inside one of Universal Studios' resorts and I must say I was very satisfied with the service, and most of all.....the food.

***WARNING**** Picture Heavy Post

Mmmm.....this is how it all got started. You did NOT want to see the remains....or lack there of, LMBO!

My burger, fries, and onion rings were excellent! But can we focus on that steroid enhanced bun! That bottom bun is at least 3 inches thick, LOL.

Of course you know we had to have our photo shoot.......

That booty is just too much!!! Looks like I have a peplum style top, LOL.

Check out the zebra print heels (they actually have fine "fur" on the shoe)

Earrings - Boutique in Puerto Rico
Blazer and Tank- Zara
Necklace - Street Vendor
Bracelets - gifts from friends
Clutch - Barney's New York
Ring - Street vendor
Jeans - Forever 21
Pumps - Steve Madden

Eric came with the fierceness per usual. It's all about the details...the bow tie, the bag, the polka dot suspenders.......HAUTE!!!!!!!!

Dawana came with it! I'm sorry this pic is fuzzy but we will take a closer look at her booties shortly ;-)

Those BOOTS!!! Eric and I were plotting to take them off her feet all night. Actually.....Eric started to unzip them twice during the evening, LMBO!!!

Haaa! This is the elusive Dexter!!! I have no idea why he doesn't like to take photos with us....but I got his behind as he was trying to imitate Dawana, LOL.

Love my friends!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Smooches!!!



Night out with friends, the best thing ever. Looks like an amazing dinner.
A Haute Mommy said…
I love your look and your friends are stylish too!
Unknown said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
Wish I physically had all those foods on my table right now... Looks yummy!!! Looking good guys.... Love you black blazer.
Anonymous said…
Girl! The booty is fine!! Lol! Food looks fantastic and I want those forever 21 jeans. Have a great weekendšŸ’‹
Simply Tasheena said…
Love your shoes! The food looks amazing!

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Style4Curves said…
FIERCE group.... That food look so good.
Sazi Efionayi said…
lovely shoes darling
Unknown said…
Good food and good friends always makes for a fun night, then a little photo shoot makes it all the more fun!!!! :-)

Carsedra of:
~Style Bot~ said…
It looks like ya'll were cutting up. I'm sure ya'll were a mess! I am loving your pants and heels. Dawana's off the shoulder sassiness and those boots are giving it. Eric is NOT playing in his GQ outfit. You guys had to be the most fashion savvy in the joint that night. Love it!

With Class & Sass,
Unknown said…
Yummmmm the food looks delish I want some burgers and yes that bun is thick.

Your outfit is cute and I love,love your blue pants and your butt looks great.
Unknown said…
hey, there! you do have stylish friends. i especially love eric's outfit.. and his LV epi. :) you look amazing... i love wearing three different colors. you look classy, elegant, beautiful and timeless. :) the food looks amazing! i really would love to have that panini rigiht now!

hope you enjoy your wknd!

Vanessa V. said…
I love all the looks but specially yours... You look simple, confortable and very elegant :)

Awwww and you make me miss onion ships, I don't eat them for a long tiiiiime!

New follower, If you have a chance take a look at my blog too...

Have a great weekend,
Unknown said…
You all look amazing & your outfits are lovely! I love your pants and all your shoes & purses are TDF!
Alexandria said…
you all look lovely!! and you friend Eric is indeed very stylish :) very cute
Tala said…
food looks delish and you and your friends are mega stylish ! :)
BRE said…
I guess I'll just call you all ...Stylish Trio!
Ebony Styles said…
I love your look. The blazer is too cute. I wish I had the guts to wear color denim.
EuSouPerlinha said…
Oh my... What fashionable friends you have!
Eric's jeans are the bomb and so are yours!!
Fun post. i love it!
Thanks for your lovely comment--hope to hear from you again!
Marcela Gmd said…
Love your style!!! beautiful photos!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela
StylishForever said…
Looks like a fun night girl!
Lili said…
lovely pics girl and yes those friends are definitely some fashionistos!
xo Dior
Ashley said…
Cute outfit love and awesome food choices!!! Making me hungry and I just ate lol

Janique-HGB said…
You guys look great! I love the color of Eric's pants and I would have been a part of the plot for the booties too, as well as your necklace lol
Chandana said…
You look great! Love the pictures!
Have you entered my giveaway yet?

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Lisa Lockhart said…
omg that food looks too good right now!..and your friends looked super stylish, must have been a good night!

E. Louise said…
I gained weight looking at this post! lol You and all your friend are FAB!!! WERK!

E. Louise
Beauty or Swaag said…
you all look amazinggg !
i love your pants and shoes !

xoxo, Shariece
LA Lynn's said…
Seeee... I wanna come hang out with y'all!!!! It look like y'all are a HOOT!!!!

BTW, I'm loving errrrbody FITS from head to toe!!!! Gotta LOVE good fashionable friends!!!