Outfit: Simplicity

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Short post today.....simple outfit as well. It's Ash Wednesday and I have to get to church today. I am starting Lent and I have to pray about the things I'm withholding. This time frame seems to crawl by...of course. But I will persevere because, as I learned in bible study yesterday, sufferings produce perseverance, which leads to a build in character, and results in hope for the rapture (the day Christians will be taken up out of this world). Now, me withholding my frivolous and worldly addictions aren't necessarily "sufferings", but I'm sure you get my point. Pray with me people!

Below I've posted some old photos that I just neglected to add to the blog. The outfit I'm wearing isn't the most inspiring....but I haven't edited my other photos sooo......these pics are it because I refuse to neglect my blog. It's my baby ;-)

Yea, yea, yea....linen in the winter goes against the so called "fashion rules". However, the people who made up these rules obviously NEVER live in sunny Florida.

I cut the bottoms off of these jeans and I swear it looks like I didn't touch them!!! I just refuse to believe I'm that short, lol.

Sunglasses - Emporio Armani
Scarf - Claire's
Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Macy's
Heels - The Dany by Jessica Simpson

Hmmm....no jewelry, I must have really been on some other ish that day. I rarely step out of the house without a pair of earrings on. SMH.



Cathy said…
Happy Ash Wednesday! I will be going to mass later today too! O:

I like your formal-ish look with that colorful printed scarf. and those shooooes <3. LOVE. ^__^
Unknown said…
I will be praying with you :)

You look lovely as ALWAYS! I love the sunnies and the scarf so pretty!

Have a great Wednesday pretty girl.
Style4Curves said…
love the simply laid back look!
Anonymous said…
Still cute simple and chic! I am starting Lent today as well. I decided to withhold on shopping because I am a person who could shop everyday if I had the cash! It is going to be tremendously hard but after reading your post it delivered the message that I need to stick to it because I was going to change to no sweets- another huge addiction. I eat candy or desserts daily!
The sunspecs scream DIVA!!! Love the scarf too :)

Your sandals are rocking, I love the look and the pants look amazing on your heels.
Skinny said…
iLove the platform pumps
Anonymous said…
Platforms are great! I love your blog by the way - you're so hot!!
LA Lynn's said…
Happy Ash Wednesday Ms. Lady!!!! You can make Simplicity look sooo STYLISH!!!! ^_^
Bravoe Runway said…
You look fab! I love that leopard scarf and the fierce shoes :)
Beauty or Swaag said…
so simple , but you look so cutee <3

Jeeda said…
Those shades! I love'em and need'em...lol You do casual well!
Those shoes are really cute!

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Confessions Of A City Girl
Gillie said…
I love that animal print scarf and those heels are killer!

xo Gillie
Anonymous said…
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