Outfit: Infamous Cross Tee

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! Again, I'm only too happy to see the weekend. I have quite a few events to attend so no chilling at the house for me. But its cool as long as I can use only about 2% of my brain I'll be happy, lol. But first up on my agenda is actually going to see a movie. Do you know the last time I've been to the movie theater??? Hmmm...neither do I!!! SMH! I have got to do better by enjoying my life. God is so good to me and I have been blessed beyond measure. And the only thing I do for myself on a personal level is get my hair done religiously.....oh yeah, and shopping ;-) My bff got me a spa treatment so I'm going to schedule that ASAP and then I'm flying to D.C. next weekend to kick it with my girls. Can't wait!

Last Saturday I started my new phase of "coolness" by attending a poetry event hosted by one of my homeboys. I must say the poetry was phenomenal and I hated to leave early but I had to get up extra early for church. But I'm glad I got to enjoy the majority of the poets. I just kept thinking how uninhibited and courageous you have to be to share your craft and your innermost thoughts to people....who we know can be extremely judgmental.

Do you guys remember the raucous this t-shirt and other "religious" items caused at Forever 21??? I mean, seriously. If you don't believe in God or anything.....I'll continue to pray for you. However, you should not pitch a fit because a store chooses to sell/place such items on display.....just don't buy the product! I really don't understand all the hostility. *Kanye shrug*

Whoa....it looks like I have a pair of bazookas up top, LMBO! I really had something else in mind to wear. But I'm not feeling very confident with my body right now. I don't like to complain about my weight, but it really gets bad when I can't wear my clothes with confidence :-(

My grandmother asked me for my shirt. Umm...I think she is in an "I want this, and that.....AND that" stage. That little woman has been asking for everything lately from all her people. I proceeded to tell her this and promptly got shut down by her fierce, artic side-eye, LOL!

Glad my elbow wasn't ashy....I didn't even check before I left for the event. SMH

Here is a close-up of my noisy arm party. Those bangles would NOT stop chit-chatting, lol.

Earrings - Street vendor
Top - Forever 21
Bangles - Vintage/Thrifted
Handbag - Furla
Jeans - Forever 21
Pumps - Random brand via Piperlime.com

. Arrivederci!


Unknown said…
love that top.... and the bag is such a pretty pop of color. you look stylish and pretty as always. :) have a nice wknd!

Bravoe Runway said…
I love that furla bag! It is gorgeous and such a classic style. I do remember the frenzy the cross items stirred up at F21...I did get a tricked/blinged out cross ring :) LOVE that thing!
Anonymous said…
First, yes enjoy yourself you work too hard! I know! We have fell off from going to the movies becasue of the baby. We used to go every week if not twice a week. Have fun in DC and I love the top too!!
Sazi Efionayi said…
u look very stylish my friend...don't let the bangle border u,lol
I'm actually really digging that top! Since I bought my cross blouse from Asos, I've kinda went back on my thing about not wearing 'cross' clothes. But hey, it's a good way to say, yup, I'm a Christian, i guess :) Loving the way you styled it of course!

Marcela Gmd said…
Wow you look so pretty!!!
I love your t-shirt!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥
Bonnie said…
I have been seeing several of these cross tees around lately. They are super cute!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
GFS said…
I need that top!!
You look fabulous!!!
LOVE the cross tee- so cool!!!
I have a oversize black tee with a large leopard print cross... LOVE it!!!!
I have many different cross necklaces and a gothic style black cross tattoo on the inside of my left ankle... <3
Hope you have a great weekend!!!
PS- did you end up loaning your grandma the tee?
Shari said…
Cute outfit! Casual chic Friday!! Love!
Unknown said…
Just my kind of look - dress, tee & heels, casual and chic at the same time. Cute!!

Fashion Pad said…
Thanks ladies...

@Style Diary....LOL....I did not loan her the tee. I'm gonna just buy her one and she had better wear it!
You look awesome, that tee is rocking, I want one too.
Jadore-Fashion said…
LOVE your furla bag--it is always brave and nice to hear people pour out their souls in poetry. I use to write a lot, I need to go back to writing poetry again :)

Cute as always ;)

Sujana said…
Great outfit! The shoes look so hot!
Unknown said…
You look really pretty!!! This tee is great and I am totally crazy about your bag and shoes!!! Super chic!!

Alina said…
Great look,hon!Love the tee!
Unknown said…
I'm so digging your outfit you look great..I love your top, jewerly, & purse you look great!
yiqin; said…
that bag is so bright and lovely <3
DJrelAt7 said…
I love the simplicity of the tee, and the pops of color with the bag and shoes, VERY nice ;)
Alexandria said…
very cute top :)

Gillie said…
I love those hot red heels! I agree that people making a big deal over forever 21 religious pieces are a little outrageous. Not to mention, F21 has always been an openly christian business, they even have John 3:16 printed on the bags!

xo Gillie
lucia m said…
in love with your outfit!

LA Lynn's said…
I like the flow of the TOP... CU-UUUUTE!!!!!