Outfit: Casual Hip Hop Style

Greetings Fashion Friends,

You know, I'm definitely grateful for my career, but there are times when I'm like....whew, my brain needs some down time!This week is hectic and my boss told me today it's probably not going to slow down with new process changes for awhile. Okay, it's job security for sure, but it's a little challenging at times when you have to constantly utilize a "think tank" mentality to maximize care, minimize error, and focus on safety. But in the end, I'm doing what I love so I'll just shut up about it.

Let me share something more lighthearted with you all. My best friend thought I dressed like a hip hop dancer when I went out to run some errands the other day. She said "You look like you just left a dance class....I just know you danced your behind off", LOL. I swear I can't stand her :-) I wasn't going to take pics of my outfit because it was so casual, but I thought, why not, it's a blog about all things fashion! I'm sure you realize that mastering the art of personal style is just as important whether you're glammed up, or dressed down.

BTW, this is my go to casual style for quick errands. If I'm going to hang out or hit the mall, I'm usually in skyscraper heels ;-)

Obviously you can see that the weather is having "one of dem days". Lol But seriously, I'm kind of disappointed with this winter because I really wanted to rock my cold weather gear. Here in Florida we only  get about 1 month of "chilly" days all year long!

To create a look that reflects my personal style, I have to have at least 3 common elements whether I'm dressed up or down:

1. A fab pair of statement earrings (I can have on a jogging suit and I will rock large hoops)

2. A chic handbag, preferably one that can carry my life in it (even my clutches are oversized)

3. A fab pair of shoes...even the boots above received compliments and inquiries regarding where I purchased them from. The shoes MAKE the outfit. Point.blank.period.

You all know that I will quickly pull out the shorts....thick thighs and all. Comment all you want but er umm.....these legs bring the boys to the yard, LMBO! Just kidding ;-)

My bags always appear as if I've overloaded them.....do you see why I prefer structured bags? Folks are always asking me if I have back pain carrying around my handbags! Why they're so nosy in the first place I have no idea, smh.

Yes, my tee does have Minnie Mouse repping Switzerland on it, LOL. Don't ask....cause I have no answer.

Hat - Target
Earrings - Nordstrom
T-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Handbag - Loeffler Randall 
Shorts - Forever 21
Boots - Bakers



Prisla Buah said…
Am liking the army hat and combat boots
~Style Bot~ said…
You look too chic! Very hip hop urban chic. I have a similary formula and I definitely agree that the shoe makes an outfit no matter if it is formal, casual, work clothes whatev. My husband has a FIT if I wear shorts out-out. I guess thick thighs DO bring the boys to the yard, LOL!

With Class & Sass,
Unknown said…
I like this, really cute!! This is more my style when I hit the malls, I just can't do heels my back would be hating me seriously before I get started. I have lower back problems so the thought of trying to walk around in heels in the mall or doing any shopping is a big NO NO!! I try to make sure I'm always cute even in a jogging suit, but heels uhmmmmmm no thank you!!

Carsedra of:


Love the casual look! That t-shirt is really cute and I love the boots!
Bonnie said…
I love these kinds of hats. You look way too adorable.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Candyce Nicole said…
This is a cute casual look!!
Style4Curves said…
love ur casual style!!
Tomilola Vanna said…
This made me laugh. You should be happy that you have a warm weather. The cold is killing me here and I want to wear shorts with no thights too :(...LOL. You look really laid back yet chic. Love it...Now following...x
I love it..U always look gorgeous...dressed up or even dressed down...

Fashion Pad said…
Thanks ladies!

@Tomilola....welcome boo! I hope you enjoy my blog! Your blog is too cute!!!
Ok, this post is so NOT fair, here, we have -18 Celsius degrees.
Fashion Pad said…
@Tereza....OMG. I can't even fathom those types of temperatures. Girl stay wrapped up and indoors!
Unknown said…
your casual style looks great!.. x
Beauty or Swaag said…
you look too cuteee ! :))

xoxo, Shariece
Unknown said…
Love this look!! I want those boots :)
Simply Tasheena said…
Cute attire!

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Anonymous said…
You look fabulous, I love the boots. And I am cheering you on for repping the thick thighs, I do too!

Thanks so much for coming by my blog and sending me some positivity!
You do look like you just left a dance class, but you made it work so that's all that matter. I love your three rules to make an outfit work. You know your fashion girl.
LA Lynn's said…
I see ya chic!!!! U betta werk them LEGS!!!!! LOL!!!!

This look is supa cute... Loving the boots with the shorts!
Unknown said…
LOL @ just left dance class comment! I don't wear shorts very often because I'm not too fond of my thighs right now...this post has me reconsidering.

I have another request for you dear, bout to email it!
Anonymous said…
you look fab! love the casual look <3 the boots are awesome!
HeelsNposes said…
Great down time look! Love the combat boots. =)

xoxo (till next time)
Unknown said…
You look cool..I'm loving the laid back look! the boots & tshirt looks good.
Those booties are so pretty ;-)

Those booties are so pretty ;-)

Carrymel said…
I really like the shorts-and-combat boots combo! I think it's looks so good together :)

Anonymous said…
So cute. :)
Gillie said…
I love your cute casual outfit and those boots are adorable even if they aren't sky high heels!

xo Gillie
Unknown said…
I LOVE IT...You look so pretty!!! Like a true hip hop DIVA.

<3 Marina
Mrs. Pancakes said…
the look is ultra chic!
Teshia_Nicole said…
Lol at your friends comment lol cute boots! and I thnk its a cute casual look1
Anonymous said…
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