Outfit: Cashmere Sweater Dress

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Happy Valentine's Day lovely people!!! I hope you guys are setting side time to show your loved ones how much you care about them ALL throughout the year.....not just on Valentine's Day. Which is why I don't really celebrate this day full out. My loved ones know how much I love them and I show it to them 365 days of the year in various ways. Now, with that said....quick OOTD post. I'm sharing my Sunday best outfit with you guys. Temperatures dropped here in Florida (I know, shocking) so I had to pull out the big coat, lol.

Don't let the sunshine fool you. It was about 30 degrees on my way to church......not to mention the added wind chill factor. Where and the heck did that cold front come from???

I absolutely love this coat. I got it for like $14 bucks a couple of years ago. Spotted it on a sale rack at F21. SWEET!

This dress is so comfortable and cozy. Cashmere is definitely worth the money. I'm up here freezing trying to take shots of my outfit, LOL.

I don't think these pictures highlight my tights really well. But they had this really cute design on them. 

Earrings - Street vendor
Coat - Forever 21
Scarf - Nordstrom
Dress - Banana Republic
Belt - Charlotte Russe
Rings - Street vendors in NYC
Handbag - Cole Haan
Tights - JC Penney
Boots - gift from friend (BCBG)



Sazi Efionayi said…
i have a similarity of the jacket,happy valentine's day friend

Style4Curves said…
U are ROCKING that dress!!!
Unknown said…
Cute dress, now can I have the handbag!! :-D

Carsedra of:


You look so smart and so elegant, love the details of your outfit.
Bravoe Runway said…
OH man 30s in your neck of the woods? I can imagine that to be extraordinarily cold...here in CHicago 30 is not too bad. Love your sweater dress!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks sugas!

@Bravoe Runway.....girl I'm in Florida so of course we break out the long johns at these temperatures, LOL!
Tiffany said…
Oh, those tights are adorable!! And you're right, it was freezing in Florida on Sunday! It came out of nowhere!
Cute outfit! Love the patterned tights! =)

oomph. said…
i love the addition of those patterned tights. i think patterned tights are just the right amount of oomph for outfits like these. stay warm!

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my mini bag said…
Great outfit. Love the dress.

Girl this weather is ridiculous! I'm loving your tights.
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Very nice dress! Love the jacket with it too!
Anonymous said…
Very chic. Love your style!

Your newest follower,

Fashion Pad said…
Gracias....I'm headed to ur blog now @Monica Kwok
Beauty or Swaag said…
dont you look so adorable and comfy : ) i love your dress & your tights!

xoxo, Shariece