Outfit: Black with Gold Accents

Greetings Fashion Divas,

This will be an uber quick post today because I have soooo much to get done today its ridic! I wish I could take a mini vacay some time this month but apparently that's not going to be happening :-( I will definitely plan an escape for March.....and then again for April.Do you guys go on mini vacations? I think they really give you a much needed "break from it all". Anyhew, this year is a travel year so I can be patient for now because I have several really good trips planned this year!

Last week I kicked it with my people because they decided to throw a fish fry because.....well.....just because, lol. My family doesn't really need a special occasion to get together. They're so freakin' awesome!!! I knew I would be in a relaxing environment but of course that didn't stop me from breaking out the heels! At least I wore all black to the dinner ;-)

Oh my lawd! I thought black is supposed to be slimming??? I guess I need to vamp up my workout like  ASAP! This is too much for me. At 5'2", I'm too petite to be carrying around this extra weight. Let me schedule some more pole dancing classes.....

I love the thick, "cushioned" straps these heels have. They really grip the heck outta my feet but at least they don't leave any marks.

Necklace - Grandmother's jewelry box (SCORE!)
Top and Jeans - Forever 21
Bracelet - forgot
Heels - Asos.com



Unknown said…
I actually thought you looked slim in the first pic then I saw your comment! I guess we don't view ourselves as others see us, but I'm prob close to your size and am also on team INEEDTOLOSETHISWEIGHTNOW! So I completely "get it"!
Simply Tasheena said…
Love love Love wearing black! it is so versatile.

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It's nice that your family gets together. I live far away from my family and I have to say that it's not FAR AWAY.
Sorry, don't want to be rude.

I love the black outfit with the touch of gold, so chic and elegant.
Tavia Mac said…
You can never go wrong with black! Those shoes are super cute!!!

I do take mini vacays and I need one ASAP!

Style4Curves said…
Black with gold accents is always a #win!! love it
Candyce Nicole said…
Girl, you look fine!! What weight are you trying to lose? LOL!

But I'm #teampoledancing with ya :o)

Great look!
~Style Bot~ said…
I rarely wear black but I am always pleasantly surprised by how chic and sleek it looks. Great outfit, doll!

With Class & Sass,
Fashion Pad said…
@Candyce Nicole...LMBO, Yaayyyyyy!!!

@EbobyCPrincess....thanks woman :-)
Mrs. Pancakes said…
ooh i love the black and gold..very chic!
Whos that in all that blackkkk! Cute sandals girlie!
Alina said…
Nice look,hon!Love the sandals!
G. said…
Loving this one!

http://absoluteDoll.blogspot.com ❤
Unknown said…
You look chic.. I'm digging the black on black look with the gold highlights it looks wonderful on you! I love how you rock different styles effortlessly..
Bonnie said…
Mmm ... I love black and gold. The gold really stands out.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Unknown said…
Love the gold and black heels! Great necklace from your Grandmother's jewelry box.

Anonymous said…
Love the gold. :3
Ag said…
You look good! but if you feel you want to slim down go ahead! I'm all for healthy living, esp. since I am in the same boat! Workout revamp happening now!
Lisa R Charles said…
Shanequa, never would have guessed you were 5'2!! Wow, you do work your heels. We are the same height.
Yep, I take mini-vacay's all the time. I would loose it if I didn't.
Love the outfit and stop, you don't look like you need to run to the gym but we all could use some toning ;-)
Life's a shoe said…
great look! I love all black outfits!
Jeeda said…
Look at the pretty;) Love the all black and those shoes are a dream and speaking of mini-vacays I have to get my Cali fix at least twice a year...
So pretty!

ox from NYC!

Zuqueta said…
Stop it! You look great!!!! Curvy is the new black!!!!!
Beauty or Swaag said…
lovin the black and gold on youuu

xoxo, Shariece