Hot or Not - Bra Exposure

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I did not have a chance to watch the red carpet for the 84th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday because I was busy screaming my head off for the East in the NBA All Star game. Unfortunately we lost, but the game was so exciting. Anyhew, like any fashionista, I made sure that I viewed every single photo I could find of the red carpet arrivals. I saw some fab dresses and I saw some......not so fab dresses. Case in point, below I've included a pic of Sherri Shephard that I spotted on I was immediately stricken by her look.......and not in a good way. My eyes zoomed in on the exposed bra beneath her gown and I could not focus on anything else thereafter.

Let's be clear....I'm not fashion expert, but I can assure you of one thing....I know that you should never, ever wear an evening dress that exposes your bra (especially if it's not apart of the design). I'm sorry, but it's tacky. If the girls need more support than what the design of the gown offers....either get the gown altered.....or choose another one. This is one fashion rule that I actually agree with you.This look could have been saved simply by placing a matching fabric over the low cut bodice area. Is the sheer panel really necessary there? No, I think altering that one area would have elevated this look immensely!!! Come on Sherri! I'm blaming you cause I would just be appalled to find out that a stylist actually suggested this.

On another note, the lady in black in the background should have chosen a shoe that fit. Her toes are either deficient in oxygen and so are trying to escape into the night air.....or they burst through the front of the shoe due to the fact they were crammed into a small space. OMG!!!

Are there any other ways Sherri could have saved her look that I didn't cover? Do any of you think this look is okay? *insert side eye for anyone who says yes* LOL. I kid!



Yeah, I have to agree, that bra doesn't work with an evening gown.
I like a bra seen a bit when you go out and you look like girls did in the '80s :).
Simply Tasheena said…
This is a BIG NO NO!

Mrs. Delightful
Unknown said…
I don't like this!
You have such a great blog!
Follow you!
issatchieu said…
Gotta to agree with u on the bra!!

SUCH A SHAME!!! the dress could have stand out more without that little disaster!!?!

She could have match it with a beautiful cobalt blue bra at least!!! :))
Unknown said…
Wowzers! That bra looks HORRIBLE and the shoes in the back are killing me! Heck nawww! dios mio... no dice!!!
Big Girl said…
I am not a fan of the bra. I'm not a huge fan of showing your bra period. I know some folks do it when they wear sheer shirts, but to me it's tacky. I can SOMETIMES get down with it when you're rocking a fitted button up and letting the girls show (a la Janet Jackson), but showing undergarments on the red carpet is not what's hot in the streets.
That bra is not in harmony with the rest of the dress, but that is the beauty of fashion, there are no rules. xx
Rach said…
oh my!!! i didnt even notice this...i soo fails!
Gillie said…
I totally agree with this, first madonna showed off her bra straps at the golden globes and now this, what the heck???

xo Gillie
Unknown said…
There's such thing as the perfect outfit to do some peak a boo bra but an evening gown is definitely not one of them.

<3 Marina
Vanessa V. said…
No, No and No, I agree with you!
Yeah... It doesn't work. It will always look trashy to me
Yeah she looks very unkempt! The exposed bra is very tacky.
Cathy Anderson said…
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