Honoring Whitney and the 2012 Grammys

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend lovers! I hope you guys had fun. I hit up a couple of events to keep me busy but I didn't overdue it and I finally got to the movies. Yay me!!! However, a shadow was cast over my weekend when I found out that the incomparable, Whitney Houston passed away! Let me tell you that I was beyond shocked and sadden by this awesome woman's passing. She was just 48 yo and leaves behind a mother, an 18 yo daughter, family, friends and millions of fans around the world. I ask God to bless her family and friends during this traumatic time in their lives. To honor Whitney, I've included one of my favorite performances from her. Her 1994 rendition of "I Have Nothing". This is my absolute favorite song from her. LOVES it!

 Just beautiful!!!

Last night, the 2012 Grammys took place at the Staples Center in LA. I was greatly disappointed with the fashions in general but Rihanna's look was my absolute favorite of the night. She stated that she was wearing a gown that she helped design with Armani. Get it bish!

Stunning!!!! This chick's bod is super bad.....hate her, lol.

Adele, who might I add won every freakin award she was nominated for, rocked a simple sparkling gown by Giorgio Armani. She brought the old Hollywood Glamour back with the sparkles, hair, and makeup. Congrats!

I also had to share this pic of the lovely Kelly Rowland. She looked so gorgeous! She was rocking Alberta Ferreti. I am not in love with this dress, but it looked really nice on her.

Jessie J rocked this traditional cut, but stunningly designed "mirrored" gown by Julien Macdonald. If you guys aren't familiar with this young lady....you MUST check her out. Her vocals are fabulous! The Brits are surely bringing it with the talent.

I loved the fact that Fergie was daring on the red carpet with this gorgeous lace dress by Jean Paul Gaultier. However, I think it would have been my fav look if she would have went went nude garments....and a bikini pantie....not the granny panties she had on above.

So....which look was your fav of the night? Also, how did you all feel about the Whitney Houston tribute? Honestly, I think they could have done sooooo much more. Folks on Twitter were making excuses saying that it was less than 24 hours from Whitney's passing and they didn't have time. Ummm....I'm sorry, this is what they do, get shows together and you know that entails making drastic changes at the last minute. They had to do it for Rihanna and Chris Brown when they found out they wouldn't be performing. They could have cut back Nicki Minaj's performance (don't even get me started), they could have had Sir Paul McCartney perform only once, etc. I would have been ecstatic to see images of Whitney across a screen with her performing at a past Grammy show. I guess we'll have to wait for the BET Awards for a proper send off.

Pics spotted at Style.com; NecoleBitchie.com; TheYBF.com



Sazi Efionayi said…
i have always loved kelly and rihanna,they look super hot.
OMG! That Adele is amazing, she looks stunning.
RIP Whitney! She will be terrible missed.
Sarai said…
Aaw Kelly Rowland looks so beautiful and elegant! Nice to see Rihanna look classy for once as well! Since her new hair do she's looked kinda trashy...but I've never been the biggest Rihanna fan anyway so there you go lol xx

Simply Tasheena said…
I agree that Fergie should have gone with under garments that would have really complimented the dress. Something about the black, that's just not right.

Mrs. Delightful
Style4Curves said…
Poor Whitney :(
Unknown said…
Rhianna looked really good!! I love Adele (great cd)and she looks wonderful! Kelly is so pretty to me and she looks great!! Jessie J looked nice, Fergie uhmmmmmm yeah. I like NOTHING about what she had one!!! The design of the gown maybe........(shrugs)

Carsedra of:


The Grammy's is absolute crap. It along with all 'award' shows and I was reminded again last night why I don't bother with them. How dare they not give at least 10 mins to Whitney and what's her face could have at least sung the whole song. Suck it up and do it. The woman's voice was legendary and should have been properly tributed. Not even a video collage? I am still pissed that I stayed up and watched it ugh....

ha, don't get me started it seems...

Big Girl said…
I agree about Fergie's ensemble. I also agree with you about the tribute. I think J-Hud just did OK, but with the lack of talent these days, I know she is the better pick. I was hoping they would do a medley of some sorts.

Nikki's performance left me confused, scared, and wanting to clutch my bible. That girl cray!
Anonymous said…
Yes it really was a shadow cast over the weekend. I am still sad.

I loved Rihanna's red carpet look but I hated Fergie's! it may have made a difference if she wore nude underneath. I don't know!
Unknown said…
I feel like last nights Grammy award show was amazing! The show was beautiful and honored all the people who really deserved it. We lost so many wonderful musicians last year I wouldn't expect anything but greatness from last night's show.

Unknown said…
I was also saddened by Whitney's passing may she rest in peace & I wish her daughter all the best! I loved the different fashions on the grammy red carpet I loved your fave looks execpt Adele's to me she looked matronly & I think the black undergarment Fergie wore gave the dress the character it needed to me bikini or nude panties might have been an overkill!
HeelsNposes said…
I agree with everything Big girl said above. In addition Rihanna's dress was my absolute fave. Very simple and elegant. She doesn't need much with that body.

xoxo (till next time)
Beauty or Swaag said…
I loved Jessie j's dress. She looked so good in it, and Rihanna looked great in her dress also !

xoxo, Shariece