Scholarship Gala Recap - OOTN

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! Hip Hip Hooray! It's been a rough week at work! I swear, you take a couple days off and BOOM...they find everything they can to throw at ya. Sometimes I feel as if the system is designed so that you work hard, burn out, recharge (vacation), and repeat the cycle over and over again!!!! Ok, that's enough. I can not linger in frustration because God continues to show me favor. Let me count the ways; I have a fab career, an awesome and supportive family, dynamite friends, good health, a home, transpo, opportunity, etc. I'm sorry, I can't list any more cuz I don't want to invite haters into my space. Let's just say I'm completely humbled at the love that I receive from God :-)

I told you guys a while back that during the Christmas holiday, I was going to attend a scholarship gala. I wanted to wear something new, but I thought about it and realized that I have some really great dresses that I could just rework and rock them like they were brand new. WARNING.....this is a picture heavy post, do enjoy!

I pulled out my BCBG MaxAzria dress I wore on my bday last year. I payed well for it so I might as well get some use out of it. This time, I decided to belt it and pair it with my leopard print Lorissas. I chose an oversized clutch because a little dainty one was too close to the norm.

Ohhh the ruffles bring so much drama in my life, LOL. I should have worn some makeup but oh well. Next time for sure!

Earrings and belt - Forever 21
Dress and clutch - BCBG MaxAzria
Rings - Street vendors
Heels - Lorrisa by Sam Edelman (purchased at Bloomingdale's)

This place really needs to upgrade their chairs!!! We had quite a few elderly folk in the house. Geesh louise!

Of course I was happy to spot the dance floor!!! It's usually packed to capacity!

Of course I gave my feet permission to go out and play ;-)

I swear these photos were NOT bestie just knows when I'm gonna shake a tail feather. LOL! We've known each other since pre-school!!!! How cool is that? We do have one more bestie but that heffa is about to get cut loose unless she returns a phone call (uh yea I'm referring to you Ja'Kim - she's brilliant, but totally clueless)

Speaking of the bestie....loving this peplum style dress!

Ann Marie and our good friend Serita. We all grew up together.......heeyyyyy boo!!! On a side note....why were ya'll repping your bottled water? Who's getting checks without sharing? LOL!

Oops.....wardrobe malfunction! That thigh refuses to stay covered!!! She act like she super cut or sumthin....smh.

There's always one.....or two. These young gentleman (and I use that phrase generously) just so happen to be brothers. Oh my.........*places back of hand over forehead and gracefully faints*

Friend decided to dance ALL night!!!! Well, at least from the time she finally made it to the event *insert side eye here*

The DJ (I affectionately called him "Mr. Can't Get Right" - he just sucked) finally played some MJ so I quickly flew to the dance floor for a good workout :-)

Whew that leg, lol. Heeeyyyyy Renny!!! He tried his best to keep up with me ;-)

This pose makes my booty look like a small planet! My lawd! Wait a minute....oh no, hol'up....did that dude turn on his suit in the background of my picture??? WOW!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics and commentary, lol. Have a fab and safe weekend!



Lili said…
Love the entire outfit! Lol thanks for cracking me up this morning, some guys go overboard with the suit thing but I'm loving those pumps
A Haute Mommy said…
I'm so in love with your dress! The style and color is perfect.
Lovely dress! you look you really had fun on the Party ;)

~Jeimy~ said…
yes that dress can be worn over and over and over again as beautiful as it is you rocked it once again honey soo fab love the details you look absolutely beautiful


Bespoke Biddie said…
you are totally right about the work cycle love, totally.
You look great
Those suits are epic :giggle:

Unknown said…
Uh oh, somebody was partying hard I see!! LOL. All on the dance for getting her groove on!!! Don't you hate it when the DJ sucks and you can't dance like you want to!! I love to dance, but I don't go often, but when I do I want to have some good music to dance to!!

Then that dress and those shoes, WERK IT HONEEEEEY (in my DivO voice)!!! HAHAHAH, that leg was definitely trying to get it's shine in for real!! LOL!!
And dude probably couldn't keep up from looking at that leg, LOLOLOL!!!

Looks like alot of fun!!

Carsedra of:
Style4Curves said…
U look GORGE that dress those pumps!!!!! and are TOOO funny!!!!!
Simply Tasheena said…
I love your attire!

~Mrs. Delightful
LA Lynn's said…
Girrrrl, U R too funny!!!!! Dude in the background with his suit turn on!!! *Buzz Light Year*

The Shoes, Dress & Clutch are dynamite!!! #BOOM

Look like a fab event...
Candyce Nicole said…
You and your friend looked fab! The commentary was hilarious LOL
That blue dress looks perfect on you! LOVE the color, love the cut and YES to those shoes!!! Just found your blog! Would you like to follow each other??
Ticka said…
Speak on your blessings!! Gurl, there's nothing wrong with that! When you asked if that dude turned his suit on in your picture, I almost died laughing!!

You and your friends looked fabulous!!
~Style Bot~ said…
That leg was trying to get discovered that night! You look stunning in that dress! From the color and cut to the fit. I love your friend's dress to with that structured peplum. Gorgeous! Those dudes were NOT playing in those irridescent suits (ROFL @ him turning his suit on----he was trying to give you a flash for your pic, LOL!). Thanks for sharing and for cracking me the hell up.

With Class & Sass,
E. Louise said…
HA!! Yall had a good time!! I also hate it when you have all the elements of a GREAT party but the DJ sucks!!! lol

E. Louise
You looked amazing, that blue dress is gorgeous, so elegant. And those heels are so hot.
Emmylou said…
Love your dress, and your friends' as well:) You guys looked so fab!
Sincerely Coco said…
hahahah at those two guys in the must live in the south...cuz I live in the south and whenever I attend some type of event like that theres always those few older men who dress like that lmao hahahaha...looks like yall had a good one though!!
Unknown said…
You'll look great! I love your outfit the dress is very nice! Can see you had a wonderful time..
Anonymous said…
I love the complete look!!!!
i love the color the style! everything!

can you post a better pic of those amazing shoes?


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Beauty or Swaag said…
those pictures were so cute, looked like you had a lot of fun ( :

& i lovee , loveee , lovee the dress you were wearinggg <33

plenty lovee & swaag
xoxo, Shariece
E. Harness said…
work it girlie! Phew those legs look HOT! Ann looks beautiful as well.

Ps- dying over here at the pimp in the suit lookin like he from Augusta, GA! LMAO
Beauty or Swaag said…
I tagged you in my tag swaag post : ) check it out
Unknown said…
roflmao @ ALL the captions! i love BCBG, they are one of my fav splurge but never break the bank brands! I like the thigh out, girl show em whatcha workin with!

That first dance pic of you is classic, LOVE! kudos to the photographer. Tell the bestie, fab dress and LOVE she wore white in winter!
Unknown said…
First off..."Happy 2012" doll

And you look absolutely gorgeous and it looks like you had such an amazing time at this gala. Really enjoyed the overload pics :))

<3 Marina
Anonymous said…
I suggest you to put facebook likes button.
Rach said…
Beautiful dress!!!! I can definitely tell that you had a wonderful time!
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Megha Sarin said…
I love the dress <3

I am in love with your dress!!

follow me too :)


Tima said…
Youve got amazing legs!! Looks like you girls had a ball while looking fab!

Editor & Chic
Anonymous said…
You go diva! Looking fabulous as always!!
Jeeda said…
Owwww you was jammin'...what was that move the pocket knife...LOL you look fab the dress is hot and love the way you accessorized....good times!
Unknown said…
I enjoyed this post it's always good to be in God's favor.

It looks like you had a good time I love how you reworked the dress. The belt and shoe combo looks great.
oohh..I'm in love with your dress...

Sam said…
Hi dear, your positivity is so refreshing! I hope that it always stays that way. Blue is your colour, you look Amazing! This looks like one fun shindig!
Jadore-Fashion said…
I heart your lorrisa with that dress!

Janique-HGB said…
You look great as always!
Sincerely Mally said…
Sexy mama!! Love the dress and heels!!

Ritcha Verma said…
You rock that dress girl!!

Unknown said…
Girl you crack me up everytime I read your posts.. Thanks for such a fun sense of humor!!! Now to this Fab Dress.. I love the color, fit, style.. everything!! And your looking great in it.. don't be shamed of showing your legs Honey!! You got them luscious thighs and knee caps.. "Phaedra Parks voice" hahaha..