Recap - RBBB Circus with the Fam

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I am going to attempt to share some photos with you all from my trip to the circus with my peeps. I apologize for the horrible quality. The flash was off on my camera, but I thought my Photoshop program could work miracles.....ummm, yea, everything has limitations. Please just work with me on this post. I will not do this again...and I refuse to just not post these images, LOL!

Because my pics are super grainy and dark. I'll just let you know that I was wearing a green cardi and my top was designed with a light pink and purple image. Blue jeans and copper boots completed my color scheme.

Copper colored boots just really make such a great contrast with blue/black denim. I received several compliments.

The top has a light watercolor-inspired design. It's too big for my frame, but I love the way it drapes anyways!

I really like the cage with the motorcycles in it. It's so dangerous and my eyes are always glued to the scene.

You know these dancers were working their behinds off! I wanted to go down and join them they looked so good, lol.

This scene was sort of scary because the lady fell off the horse and clearly injured her shoulder. But, as the old theater mantra states, "the show must go on". She climbed right back up and finished her routine.

The martial arts scene was fierce!

This is the scene as we left the arena. I have more pics but they turned out more fuzzy than this one. SMH I really need to upgrade my camera!

Earrings - gift from friend
Cardigan - Forever 21
Tank - Zara
Handbag - LV Speedy 35
Jeans and Boots - Charlotte Russe



Simply Tasheena said…
It looks like you guys had a great time.

~Mrs. Delightful
Annie said…
Love those boots you're wearing! Such fun pics :)

The Other Side of Gray
Those boots look more expensive than that! I love them!
Unknown said…
Loving your copper boots, I have some similar to those.
Sam said…
Looks like a very fun night! The pics aren't that blurry, at least they are visible and they will always be a reminder of your night out.
Wow! That is so cool, it seems that you had an amazing time.
Anonymous said…
Nice boots. :3
hautepinkpretty said…
even in grainy shots you look fab! Love the boots & what a fun show! Xox
Unknown said…
How FUN...I love the circus! Great photos and you look so pretty.

<3 Marina
Unknown said…
I love your outfit you look very cool & relaxed! Seems like you had a wonderful time- would love to go to the circus I've never photos!
Alina said…
Great look,hon!Love the cardi!
Beauty or Swaag said…
sooo, all I want to know isss .. when you're letting me have those boots ?? loll you look great hun : )

xoxo, Shariece
Chandana said…
I like the pics inspite of the graininess! Looks like you had super fun!

Taylor Morgan said…
Oh that looks so fun! I wanted to go to Big Apple Circus on New Years Eve, but it was just to expensive. But now I want to go the the circus! :)
Tiffany said…
looks like it was an awesome show!! & great outfit :D
Gillie said…
I love that bag, I hope you had fun with your family!

xo Gillie