Reader Request - Tunics for New Leggings

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I have a reader request to share with you all from Keysha:

I bought a pair of the leggings you featured on your blog from I was wondering if you could help me find some tunics to wear with them.

Thanks in advance,

Okay Keysha no problem!. I actually bought this pair too, along with the other bright pair I featured here, but I swear I should have went up one size...they are not kind to my hips, butt, or thighs, LOL. But soon I'll have those areas slimmed down ;-) Anyhew, I've included several options for tunics well as some advice on shoe selection.

Reader Request - Tunic for New Leggings

Beccgirl sheer top, $38
Cowl neck top, $30
Red top, $25
Dorothy Perkins belted tunic, $17


1. Pair with a solid cami underneath and rock the leggings with a pair of combat boots for a really edgy look. It's also a sneaky way to minimize any "skankiness" with the potential overexposure of skin. It's fun to be a "tough" beauty ;-)
2. The red tunic will look great with a pair of flats along with your leggings
3. If you choose to rock this tunic, I would suggest platform pumps or ankle booties for a chic and modern ensemble
4.  I like the way they styled the purple sweater tunic in the above image, but it could also look good with flats or boots

Reader Request - Tunics for New Leggings

Jcstyle turtle neck top, $45
ASOS cross top, €27
Forever 21 top, $23

5. When the weather warms up, I would suggest dressing down the leggings with this casual button down tunic (or something similar) paired with thong sandals
6.  Now a tee such as this will complement the rocker chic vibe of your leggings if we style this look with a pair of monster wedges
7.  I really adore the way this draped tunic looks with a pair of knee high boots. However, if you want to reveal more of the mesh insert, just select an ankle boot instead

If the above didn't do it for your personal style, check out these other affordable tunics in stores now.......

Merona Womens Tunic Top 

ASOS Drape Layer Tank Tunic 
$14.54 (on sale)

Cut-out Tunic $9.99 (on clearance)

Stripe Tunic Tank Top 
$24.99 (on sale)

Y-Back Knit Tunic $10.80

Well Keysha, I hope you liked at least one of these selections. Otherwise, that's gonna suck because I hate being totally off the mark with style suggestions. Let me know if you require help finding any more tunics....or anything else ;-)



Simply Tasheena said…
I am loving 2 and six!

~Mrs. Delightful
Ok so I need to go get these leggings! Too cute! I tagged you on my blog by the way. Hope you participate. If so, please let me know.
Beauty or Swaag said…
I love 1 and 3! Great choices!

Plenty lovee & swaag
Xoxo, Shariece

: )

Unknown said…
Cool Picks, really nice items! I love the #6 top it's really cool & pretty!
Alina said…
Great post!Very helpful!
I love tunics, I am so comfortable wearing something a little bigger than my normal size.
Great picks!

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Sincerely Coco said…
loooooove those leggings!!!I've tagged you in this blog tag too!!check out my blog to pass the tag on!!
tunic said…
hey amazing colours of tunic and leggings as well.. i loved the colours and also different styles of wearing it was cool.. thanku and post some more and great description...well informing and i would be looking forward for new posts... thankyou!:)
Anonymous said…
Love the style of these <a href=">Tunics to wear with leggings</a>; so unique and so awesome!