Outfit: Ikat Printed Skirt

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday folks! Oh what a beautiful thing it is to make it through the work week and lay back and kick it for the weekend. As a matter of fact, I'm looking forward to participating in some MLK weekend festivities.....and on top of that, it's one of my bff's birthday tomorrow so I gotta find out what the heck that chick wants to do.

In the mean time, I'm posting pics of what I wore to church on this past Sunday. I'm super behind in my photo uploading/editing. So pics will be posted about a week or two after they've been taken until I get caught up. Anyhew, I shopped my closet like I told you guys I would be doing for this month, and I came up with 1 newbie and 1 almost newbie (I only carried it once).

 So this midi skirt I bought several months ago in NY has been chillin on the rack since September!!! Why you ask, oh let's see....because I have a problem. The first step to overcoming my issue is to admit that I have one right??? LOL! But seriously, I have got to do better. *insert look of shame here*

 It was a nice early Fall day.....in the dead of winter. This weather is bananas!

 I LOVE the ikat print on this skirt......but don't stare at it too long......I can not be responsible for your behind getting in a trance!!!

Side note: I am just noticing that this skirt has belt loops, but no belt. I've been swindled!!! I should have paid attention before I bought it.... lesson learned.....again.

 This is the 2nd time I'm carrying this clutch. But that's certainly about to change. Poor baby is about to rack up some serious mileage. I'm talking major reward points guys. Actually, there was an older lady at church trying to take my clutch.....she know DANG well she didn't come in church with a metallic burgundy handbag. I smiled at her and gently grabbed my bag a way from her while giving her a serious side eye!!!!

Earrings - Forever 21
Top - Zara
Clutch - Asos.com
Bracelets - Alexis Bittar (gift from friend)
Skirt - Forever 21

I hope you guys have a fabulous, safe, and fun-filled weekend!



Unknown said…
LOL @ the church lady tryna swipe your bag! I have that skirt! Tell me why I got all excited like I just saw a celeb rockin it too! But when I am "in" with the fashion bloggers, I know I got it going ON! lol.

StyleandPoise rocked it too a while back...ya'll both look great!
Lili said…
love that clutch... btw that skirt screams chic
xo Dior
I love your clutch and that skirt. When you will get tired of your clutch send it over :), I won't mind.
Beautiful outfit, loving the skirt and also the blouse - I need one like this in my wardrobe. So wish the weather was warm here, too. I can't wait to get into spring and summer clothes! Had enough of winter now. xxx
Unknown said…
This was very fun to read....that poor old lady thought that was her purse you know it matched her shoes why of course lol.

Sorry you got swindled and someone took your belt the skirt looks awesome and I didn't even notice.

Happy Friday
Marta said…
Gorgeous bag!!!

Style4Curves said…
Gimme the clutch and we won't have any proLLEMs!!!! lollll
Unknown said…
HA!!! Now that is funny, she was about to do a grab and run with your clutch!! LOL

I am loving this skirt, very cute and goes well with the clutch!!

Yes the first step to over coming an addiction is to admit you have one. The next step is to purge, soooooo if you want to unload any of the shoes and handbags let me know!! I can't wear the clothes (at least not yet) but you can send those too, I will be able to get into your size soon!! :-D LOLOLOLOL

Carsedra of:


Love the skirt and the clutch and LOL at the old lady.

Unknown said…
Love the skirt girly... Is awesome and that clutch is Friggin Fab! I see why lil ole lady was trying to run off with it lol.. As for the missing belt it looks great without it , or just add a chunky wide belt next time :)
Tammy said…
that printed skirt is too cute BUT that clutch.... I need it.. I must visit asos more often & get a few things

ms.composure said…
stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv!!
def enjoyed reading this post!! def loving that outfit!!

Unknown said…
You look lovely, I love the skirt & purse!
Alina said…
Great skirt!Love the print!
Unknown said…
Happy 2012 gorgeous!! And OMG I'm drooling over your oversized clutch is just so pretty.
Great look as always :)

<3 Marina
Seriously at church! Lady trying to take someone elses purse. Don't you hate it when you get home and realize that you don't have a belt to a dress or skirt. Loving the outfit. I will be biting off this style.
E. Harness said…
I love this skirt! See I told you that you can pull off prints! Listen to me, I won't lead you wrong!

PS- I'm dying laughing at that old lady trying to steal your clutch at church!!