Outfit: Wide Brim and Lace-Ups

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I have one more set of photos to share with you all from my holiday festivities and they involve some brand new items I bought a while ago.....and of course are just now making their debut to the world. SMH

My aunt hosted a crab boil over her house just to give us a "break" from the Christmas food. If you're not familiar with a crab boil, its just a seafood dinner with the main course featuring boiled crabs. However, you can cook them however you want and add shrimp, fillets, etc. I don't know about you all but we throw in corn-on-the-cob, eggs, potatoes, etc. while our crabs are boiling.....its soooooo good.

Per usual, I overdressed for the occasion but I don't care because when it was time to feed my face, I hurriedly took off my hat, scarf and placed one of my aunt's aprons over my clothes. My battery on my camera died shortly after I arrived and for some reason I keep forgetting my phone has an excellent camera on it. This is the reason I don't have any pics of the food....or my temporary apron ;-)

I bought these boots almost a year ago. It was warming up in my town so I didn't get a chance to wear them. These boots make me feel as if I'm on stilts. That stiletto heel and the hidden platform are a beast! LOL!

Loving the cap toe look. This goes back several centuries but for the life of me, I can't remember the time period. I do know that this shoe style was worn with the petticoat. My niece asked me why I didn't tie them up and I said "Auntie was running late pumpkin", lol.

I am also proud to wear my new wide brim hat as well. Loving the color and subtle feather adornment.

Hat - Forever 21
Earring - Burlington Coat Factory
Scarf and Top - Zara
Rings - Forever 21
Handbag - Nordstrom
Jeans - Charlotte Russe
Boots - L.A.M.B.



Simply Tasheena said…
Your wide brim really complements your attire.

~Mrs. Delightful
A Haute Mommy said…
I absolutely love this look!
~Jeimy~ said…
I love those boots and the hat looks great on you
Style4Curves said…
Those boots are SICKKKKK
Unknown said…
Alright now Ms. Missy!!! You are rocking that hat and I love those boots!!

Carsedra of:


Tavia Mac said…
Girlllll...the boots are vicious! Yes ma'am! Looking great!

LA Lynn's said…
Heyyyyy… like that brim chica!!!! And, those BOOTS are the BOMB!!!!
Dre said…
A crab boil sounds so yummy right about now! Someone in my family needs to have one so I can go feed my face and not have to worry about cooking all the food lol.

You look fabulous and very comfortable at the same time. I especially love that wide brim. You are workin' it, as always!

Great hat and I'm a HUGE fan of those boots!!!

E. Harness said…
Straight loving this outfit!! L.A.M.B. really?! Girl wait till I see you!
Unknown said…
u look great darling..take care
love the hat
That white is so cool, I love the back, the zipper rocks.
~Style Bot~ said…
Those boots are freaking EVERYTHING! I love them! And I absolutely love that hat. I am obsessed with hats. Especially wide brimmed hats. This outfit is hot!

With Class & Sass,
~Style Bot~ said…
BTW, forgot to mention you've been tagged! If you want to participate just mosey on over to http://khalilahskloset.blogspot.com/

With Class & Sass,
L. said…
I am IN LOVE with your shoes!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said…
This outfit looks amazing! the boots are very sexy!
Janique-HGB said…
Those boots are giving me life lol. I love them. I have a wide brim hat but never wear it. You've inspired me to give it a try :)
Lovelyladyjb said…
loving those boots.. and so jealous about the crab, I love crab!
HeelsNposes said…
Everything about this outfit is great. Love those boots.....LOL to the stilts remark.

xoxo (till next time)
Girl! Shut up and give me that hat! I need it.. and I have been looking for one that color.. .I promise!

Your family is right up my alley. We had a crab boil the Friday after Christmas, too! mmm mmm mmm I wanna go back LOL!
lovely outfit! i love you jeans looking sexy on you xx
notanymore said…
Those boots look really lose on top. Are they stable?
Unknown said…
I Love this look on you!! The hat to the boots.. is Fab girly..
oomph. said…
not surpried those are lamb boots! they always have such great details. love the dark toe and laces. i miss wearing my floppy!!

G. said…
Love love love everything about this post, down to your poses!

http://absoluteDoll.blogspot.com ♥
Shawn Giles said…
I have that Zara top in blue! I love it! I also wear mines with tht e exposed zipper in the from! LOVES!
Ag said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots!