Outfit: Red Wine

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday! I'm actually well rested from the weekend so this morning I started off with a killer workout, refreshing shower, full breakfast, and I think I'm going to actually get to work a full 30 minutes before I usually do.....WHAT ON EARTH HAS GOTTEN INTO ME???? LOL! But seriously, this is so unusual. However, I'm not complaining at all. I need to start my mornings off like this more often!

So listen peeps......I just realized I have too many shoes. Okay, back track, you can truly NEVER have too many, but I mean I need to slow down until I catch up on actually wearing the new shoes I've purchased. I went through my closet yesterday to find a spot for my new pair (a post on those babies will be forthcoming) and I counted the pairs of unworn heels and there were at least 9 pairs that I could see clearly (don't know what's hidden, it could raise the number even higher). That's just....bad. Anyhew, since this month I'm on my spending hiatus, I'll focus on shopping my "shoe store" and wearing them to work (maybe not), church (some of them), and various outings. I've worn the pair I have on below several times and they feel brand new every time I step out in them. This time they actually gave me the "lift" I needed to visit Sprint....I know, I know, I really should just sign with another company but for now I'm under contract and to be honest I'm developing this sick need to joust with them every other day. SMH

I love the red wine color of these heels.

From the front these heels look so dainty.....

.....but from the side, or back, they're a beast!!! I love that!

I have worn the heck outta this bag for the past week and a half....another unusual feat for me. I switch up bags like I do my clothes. I like a cohesive outfit.

The weather has been soooo schizo lately....

Earrings - Street vendor
Blazer - Zara
Tank - Forever 21
Handbag - Nordstrom
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell via Nastygal.com



Simply Tasheena said…
I am loving your heels, they really make your attire pop!

~Mrs. Delightful
Dre said…
Kudos to getting up early this AM and feeling invincible! I hope you continue to have a beautifully productive day!

Those shoes are indeed a beast! I am so in love, lol.
Phuong said…
i love the red wedges! Gorgeous!

Travel in Style
Style4Curves said…
girllllllllllll NOW U KNOW how I feel about the shoes!!! oh em GEE!!
Unknown said…
Yay for being positive and starting off in the right direction.

You look great and yes I am loving your shoes.
L. said…
the shoes are soooo "BEAST" (as my little 10 year old brother would say). Jeffrey Campbell is hard to dislike. And Sprint, well...they are just the ABSOLUTE WORST!!! ugh!

Ticka said…
The shoes are nothing short of FAB!
Those shoes are HOT! I've eyed them a couple of times but now that I've seen them on you I may have to eye them again!!! LOVE the color! Thanks for following :) I'm following back!!

Sam said…
What a great way to start a Monday, I don't think I could get all that done and still be early for work!
Killer outfit, I like how said you're going to shop your own shoe store. You've reminded me to do the same :)
Unknown said…
Uhmmmm Ma'am I'm still waiting for you to release these shoes and gift them to me!! Oh and you can add the bag as well!! :-D LOL!!

Carsedra of:


Lili said…
I want those shoes!!! Lovely
Beauty or Swaag said…
I am LOVINGGGGG your heels! You said you wanted to pass them along to me righttt? Loll

Plenty lovee & swaag
Xoxo, Shariece

~Style Bot~ said…
9 pairs of un-worn shoes?!?!? I'm kinda jealous! I think I have 2 pairs and I am thinking I am going to donate them to Goodwill because I just don't really like the style of shoe. As far as sprint? I paid to get out of my contract with them. Too much of a daggone hassle. My nerves are too bad, LOL!

With Class & Sass,
Unknown said…
Love the blazer with shorts! Beautiful shorts!
Unknown said…
You look lovely..I'm so loving your shoes they are so nice!

I tagged you in an ice breaker..the rules are on my blog and please participate if you're interested :)
Unknown said…
Nice blazer!
There isn't a girl on the planet that has to many shoes.
Unknown said…
I love your shoes! Jeffrey Campbell is becoming one of my favorites! You look fab!

Don't you look cute! Those heels are badd!!! I feel you on the shoe store! I'll be doing the same for a little while myself.