Outfit: New Wrap-Around Boots

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend peeps!!!! Today is a day where we celebrate the life and worldwide influence of an extraordinary individual......Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MLK had a dream and today, in 2012, that dream is a reality! Sure, there still is racial inequality, religious persecution, and economic disparities in the world. However, we are closing the gap on the aforementioned issues with each new generation born into this world. I think Dr. King would be proud by how far we've come, but I know with a certainty that he would still be encouraging us to go harder to seek resolutions for the continued pain, struggle, and suffering that some people face daily. I celebrate MLK today and everyday that I'm allowed to enjoy my freedom.

I'm going to share what I wore to one of the MLK parades I attended. On Saturday I traveled to my hometown. But today, I went to another parade in a nearby suburb of Orlando. It was cute and thank goodness the focus was kept on MLK. It was chilly this weekend so I had to break out my new boots and cozy scarf.

You would think I was overdressed for a parade right? Well, for some reason, MLK parades bring out ALL the super, overdressed individuals. I was casual Suzy man, LOL.

So here are my new boots. They have a wrap-around design, pointed toe, and stiletto heel. They're okay in terms of comfort, but I wouldn't push the wear past 2 hours.

Earrings - Street vendor
Jacket - Forever 21
Scarf - Zara
Top - Macy's
Jeans - Forever 21
Handbag - Nordstrom
Boots - Aldo

MLK pic spotted on Seattletimes.com



Unknown said…
Happy MLK Day,

You look great and I don't think you're overdressed at all. I am loving your wrap around boots def cute.
JustPatience said…
Those are some fabulous boots. They remind me of Proenza Schouler boots.

Anonymous said…
Happy MLK Day!! <3 Love the outfit you wore to the parade - those boots are fabulous!
Unknown said…
Love the purple pants!

xo Ashleigh

PKelly's Site said…
love the outfit, esp love the boots!!great post
thanx so much 4 stopping by & leaving me a comment :)))
~Style Bot~ said…
Awesome pants and scarf chickadee! Hope you enjoyed the holiday! =o)

With Class & Sass,
LV said…
Happy MLK Day!

I am going to parades today too:-) I love those boots! Gimme! You look really cute!

MLK what an incredibly guy.
I love how the purple teamed with back completely define this outfit.
You really have an eye for gorgeous shoes!

Ag said…
This is when that saying of always look your best comes into effect i can't believe people were doing it up more than you at the parade...probably would have been me! lol...
Lovely message. I love reading your blog. Are you an English major because you write beautifully. So did us black folks dress to impress at those parades?
Freedom... I made a post about freedom yesterday, what sad days we live.
Love the outfit, colored pants are the best.
Unknown said…
You look absolutely stunning. Great outfit for an amazing parade.

<3 Marina
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks ladies!

@Style Bot....I had soooo much fun at the parade ;-)

@Ag...you would have taken out the competition, lol!

@DOWNTOWNCHICAGOBARBIE....awww, thanks a milli! I was actually a Pharmacy major. But I've always excelled in English. Weird. And yes, you know our people were over the top!!! LMBO!
A Haute Mommy said…
I love this look and your hair looks great!