Outfit: Look Out Stallions!

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! You know what, I love you guys so much!!! Thanks for the fabulous advice and expressions of concern regarding my stress filled life. Please know that I am taking this situation seriously. I am reorganizing my life and allowing for more rest without dropping the ball on my responsibilities. For those of you who may not know, I'm a clinical pharmacist and I work as a specialist at a cancer center. I also work in the retail field every now and then. On top of my demanding responsibilities at work, I am starting a business, managing a blog,  hosting a family reunion, organizing our annual family vacation, chairing one of the events at my church's women's conference, and on the board of the church's health ministry (getting ready to develop a domestic violence program), and I'm working on a much delayed research project with one of our neuro-oncologists at work. Hmmm.....I'm gonna just stop right there before you guys realize that something is totally wrong with me, LOL!

But I do get it people. I may not always feel like I'm overwhelmed because generally I just don't think about the things I have to do. I just do them. But I can't ignore the physical signs right? So I'm gonna start taking care of Shanequa. The first thing on my "me" agenda is to schedule my spa appointment. My bff gifted me this for Christmas. LOVES her to pieces!!!! I'll let you guys know what I decided to do (i.e. massage, facial, body wrap, etc.). I''m so ready to relax. I even take adventurous vacations....so sad, SMH.

But enough of my wacky life. Let's move on to some fashion. While I adore creative and flamboyant styling just like the next fashion follower, I really love simple looks. However, I believe in taking a simple top and jeans to the next level by layering on a statement accessory. I use every accessory I can find that works for me to elevate my look. Of course jewelry pieces are my go to items, but shoes, handbags, and scarves run neck and neck. For the look below, I pulled out my heelless wedges. My mother said my shoes reminded her of a stallion......my brother said I looked like a centaur (half horse, half man). I couldn't help but LMBO!!! My family has jokes for days....trust!

I know my feet look a little dry....but I swear its the lighting or something, LOL!

The back of these shoes DO resemble a stallion!!!

*WARNING* Staring at this print for more than 10 seconds can place you in a trance!!!

Earrings - Street vendor
Top and Jeans - Forever 21
Cuff - unsure
Bracelet - Charlotte Russe
Ring -Sobe Jewelry
Handbag - Nordstrom
Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell via Nastygal.com

Have a great weekend my lovelies!



I am crazy for your wedges, but you already know that!!!
Janique-HGB said…
You look awesome! Great modern twist with the JCs on such a classic print/color combination. Love this!
Simply Tasheena said…
You are a busy lady! I hope you enjoy your spa day!

~Mrs. Delightful
Unknown said…
Alright now, look at you!!! I am loving the shoes, you already know that!!! :-)

It's good to know that you are going to take some me time, because you need that!! I had a panic attack this morning (hadn't had one in years) and I went to the restroom and broke down. I didn't realize I was so overwhelmed......so this weekend I am going to sit down reevaluate things in my life and put first things first. I really didn't know I was carrying so much weight on me until this morning!! I can't say what really triggered it, but it all came to a head morning!! I feel better after crying though :-) LOL!!

Carsedra of:


Ritcha Verma said…
Take it easy girl! When you start thinking how much there is to do, it surely is a lot more stressful.. So like you wrote, just do it without thinking too much, that ways its much easier!! Have a great weekend!!

Bri said…
Love the shoes and that top girly! I agree simple can be dressed up and down by a simple accessory and some bomb shoes ;)
Bonnie said…
Daaaamnn, girl! Look at those shoes! lovelovelove. I need a pair like these.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
Ticka said…
Ok... I'm glad that you are seriously going to take the time to slow it down.

Now on to the shoes! I have never seen any wear this style of shoe, but I always see them in stores. I would probably break my neck in them. How comfortable are they to walk/stand in?

Anonymous said…
AMAZING!! I like ur complete look!!!

and how do you rock the JC shoes!
Prisla Buah said…
Those shoes are to die for. you look super cute
Anonymous said…
I love those frickin shoes, chicka- Ann Marie
Style4Curves said…
You look amazing!!!!!!!!! I love simple looks with standout accessories as well!! Gimme the shoes!!!!
~Style Bot~ said…
I am just going to act like I didn't read all of the things on your "to do list". Insane. But errrr---ummmm---more than the back of those SHOES look like a stallion. Talk about brickhouse. AAAAAARRRRRRUUUU (<~~wolf howl). You wearing them heels errr...shoes? LOL!

With Class & Sass,
How many different hats do you wear? I swear that was like 10 different things you had mention that was on your plate. Two jobs... Work it out! Nice to see black woman doing big things. And this outfit is hot. Give me those shoes.
Unknown said…
Girl my blood pressure rose reading ALL that you have going on!!m schedule that spa day ASAP!

Now.. The centaur comment made me spit my tea across the table LMAO!! That is hilarious, I see your entire fam has a sense of humor! I am loving those shoes although they look scary to walk in... You look super duper fly mama! Enjoy your weekend :)
Unknown said…
I feel you. Life can be stressful but at least you are happy with what you are doing. I personally don't mind stress if I love why I am stressed. It's better to be busy than bored. You look great tho. Cute shoes and top. Love the red and the fun wedge.

Unknown said…
You look great & I'm so digging the look!
Unknown said…
im following bk on twitter and woow u look great.. love this outfit.. xx
Kiwi..x said…
Wow, I thought I was a busy bee but after reading this, my life will probably seem like a spa to you lol
I hope you enjoy the real one though you deserve it
L♥ving the outfit (y) especially your Earings, Plus your wedges are AMAZING, I need them in my life
Kiwi ..x
Dre said…
WHEW!!!! Girl! I was gonna say you need a well-deserved break, but you already know that. I am glad you are going to take more time for Shanequa and pamper yourself :) I applaud the fact that you are doing so many worthwhile things. You are definitely an inspiration!!

And of course, I'm loving your wedges, mama!

Sincerely Mally said…
You're a busy woman aren't you?!?! It will all be worth it one day when ur retired and relaxing!!

Those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!!
LA Lynn's said…
SLOW DOWN Stallion!!!!! You MUST find time to rest... BUT I want you to know you are KILLIN' 'EM with these shoesssss!!!!!
Anonymous said…
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Meekay said…
Super cool shoes!

Marcela Gmd said…
You look so pretty!!
I like your sandals!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥
Lili said…
oh I want those shoes! give me...lol
you look great
xo Dior
G. said…
How are they to walk in?! Comfortable?!
Alina said…
Great outfit,hon!Love the shoes!
peggy said…
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks so much ladies

@Ticka @MissGlenesse....they are soooo easy to walk in. I absolutely adore them!!!
Beauty or Swaag said…
omg girl , you gotta stop taking on so many things. you need your relaxtion timee. stress leads to agingg. we dont want thatt lolll.

I love your outfit of course.
esp. the shirt and your wedges <333

plenty lovee & swaag
xoxo, Shariece

Anonymous said…
WOW!!! Those wedges are crazy fun! Love how you're rockin' them :D
We have SOOOO much in common! I'm a pharmacist, starting a business, building my blog, planning a trip to Brazil, helping my brother plan a family reunion- then I just had a baby girl, and I'm married! That's a lot! We do have to take time for ourselves! Hubby treated me to a spa day on my bday now it's time for another! Hope you enjoyed! I die for your shoes!
Gillie said…
I LOVE those shoes, so fierce!

xo Gillie
Unknown said…
OMG those heels are fabulous you look dope x

Skinny said…
Red+Leopard is such a classic combination- Happy Sunday
Ashley said…
Cute Outfit! Love those shoes!!!!!!

OMG I am getting those shoes.
Lisa Lockhart said…
WHAT! Those shoes are crazy but in a good way of course!

Anonymous said…

Sazi Efionayi said…
drolling seriously....i heart the shoes.....
Jennifer S. said…
WOW, those shoes!!!!