New Additions: Giuseppe Zanotti Cutouts

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Soooo, I went and bought a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels. Now, this purchase happened in December so don't think I've abandoned my church's "no spending fast" for the month of January. I'm seriously committed to that. I even planned out my next 3 meals so that I can avoid any fast food restaurants. We're only allowed to spend money on groceries that we need (i.e. no superfluous snack items), bills, gas, and emergencies (i.e. flat tire, medical bill). I think I can do that for 31 days. It's day 4 and I'm on point!!!

Oh yea, back to my Giuseppe heels. Well, I've been stalking these lovers for a hot minute but I refused to pay an arm and 2 legs, and my first born for them. It's funny, I'll spend that on a handbag, but not a pair of designer heels, LOL. Priorities, priorities, smh. So as soon as these shoes went on "crazy" sale I scooped them up. Yaaaayyyy me!!!!

I never use these you all?

I know, I know, I know....these babies were worn by every so called celebrity fashionista AND their mommas!!! But I cannot help it! I kept thinking about these heels and I just knew I was going to have them.

I honestly thought my first pair of Giuseppes would be a little more glitzy and uber glamourous! But alas, I love the simple, yet edgy design of these heels. Furthermore, the leather is so rich and feels divine!

Hmmm....although they feel great against my skin, I get the feeling that these babies are not going to last more than 1 hour (if that) as I'm walking on them. What a shame....OH WELL!!! LOL!

You all should know by now that I'm a minimalist at heart ;-)

Have you guys ever stalked a shoe? In the end, did you end up buying it? Was it every thing you thought it would be when you tried it on for the first time? Do tell.......



k come karolina said…
happy new year!!!

xoxo from rome
so sexyyyyyy..;) amazing..;)
A_C'est moi
Ri(t)ch Styles said…

Happy New Year Darling!

Ok so I am extra jealous!!! LOVE them! I have been stalking Sam Edelman Lorissas and to be honest I don't know why I haven't got them yet.....I have a recent addiction to Jeffrey Campbell Litas too!
~Style Bot~ said…
I rarely buy black shoes (or black anything now that I think about it---well except the Black Dahlia---my car!) but these shoes are so super seductive. I think my husband would love them! And yes, absolutely I have stalked a shoe. Stalked a pair of patent leather Christian Louboutin heels for about 3 years. So much so that the hubs ended up buying the updated version for me for my 30 birthday! ROFL!

With Class and Sass,
Ansiktsmask said…
They are so gorgeous!
Shara said…
omg this awesome!soooo hot!wanted :))

La Folie 
Mrs. T. Mac. said…
Yes...I have to agree...SEXXXY!

Sam said…
Yay for your gorgeous pair of heels, are are so classically beautiful. I like this idea of 'no spending fast'. It's something so many of us could adopt and learn from. Have you done a post about it with more information?
Shawn Giles said…
Those are DOPE.COM Hunny...WERQ
Anonymous said…
Hot hot. Hot. I love. Itttt!! Yo quiero!!
Fashion Pad said…
@Sam...I haven't dedicated an entire post to it. It's pretty straight forward. A fast is "depriving" yourself of anything that u think u can't live with out OR has a hold on u in some way. Shopping is that thing for me. So I am going to cease shopping for a total of 31 days and switch that focus to God!
Fashion Pad said…
@High Heels & Good Meals...get the Lorissas ASAP!!! They really make u feel like a fashion "super girl", no lie, lol.
Kasidy said…
Kudos on the spending fast, I actually try to do that one week of every works, most of the time lol. Great shoes and yay for super sales!! Fab!
That Girl E... said…
There beautiful, jut love me a pair of black heels.
I'm so jealous..OMG, the shoe looks amazing!! it's sexy and edgy @ the same time...very nice purchase!!
LA Lynn's said…
These are HAUTE... I have stalked a shoe b 4 - A pair Rachel Roy in Macy's the hubby convinced me NOT to buy them and to wait until they went on sale and of course when I went back they didn't have my size. *shrugs*
OneVeronique said…
In love! I Pass out when I see a Shoe I love.
Luv'n your shoe game!!

Bloomingdales in Perimeter Mall-Atl is closing. Hmmm I know for sure they are going to have some Goodie 2 Shoes for The Low.Low!
HeelsNposes said…
FIRE!!!!! I'm a sucker for some heels and those are BEAUTIFUL.

XOXO (till next time)
Ticka said…
Cute!! Don't look much for comfort, but sometimes comfort MUST be sacrificed! lol!

I've stalked shoes. DSW is the place that I usually stalk. I find a pair of shoes that I love in that clearance room, and I come back often to look for price drops. There's only been once that I haven't gotten a pair (for cheaper) that I wanted.
SharieceG said…
I must sayy , they are hauteee .
now you can sleep easyyyy knowinn you have themm : )

plenty lovee & swaag
xoxo, Shariece
Mrs. Pancakes said…
oh my goodnesss....those are sooo sexy! and the i love how you revealed them!!
Candyce Nicole said…
Those shoes are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Bravoe Runway said…
These shoes are GORGEOUS! I love Zanotti shoes and they're definitely going to be a great pair for you to wear for years to come ;)
Tammy said…
Get'em girl... Very cute

Great jaws dropped..
E. Harness said…
Oh Noosie! Those shoes look AMAZING! The make your foot look scrumptous. LOL I love the chic simplicity of them, that means you can wear them anywhere with anything! LOVE'EM

Ps- don't worry I don't want to steal them. But you better watch Dawanna!
Sincerely Mally said…
Those are sexy! Got a very clean chic look to them!
LocalCeleb said…
I love these, they're so sexy!
Damn those are SICK!!! Super Sexy.. Just right.. Love them!
Wow, just loved those shoes! :)