New Addition - Pewter Pumps

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Foremost, let me assure you that I did NOT spend any money on fashion this month! I am still on my spending hiatus. However, I forgot to let you all that I received my newest wardrobe addition a couple weeks ago........ these fabulous pumps you see below :-) These heels were on sale for only $22 bucks at What's even more fab is that I was able to use a coupon code and free shipping code which brought the total down to about $15 bucks! SWEET!

Loving this color. It's such a chameleon certain lights it looks gold, then in others...silver. HOT!

It's like I morphed these platforms straight from the '70s.....I was a little hesitant to get them but I couldn't pass up on that fab price and unique style. LOVES them!!!

Also loving the sharp, platform's pretty fab!

That girl is SHARP!!!!

The only con about this heel.......they run 1/2 size too large :-( Oh well, that's what heel grips are for. I'd rather have a shoe be a little large than too small!

Do you guys like? Or should I only save these for '70s costume parties? LOL!



Even though they are a bit too big, I love the look, so glam.
Style4Curves said…
I LOVE THEM!!!!! Non fashionistas wouldn't understand but I DO I DO I doooooo!!! lolll
SharieceG said…
i NEED those shoes , send them to me pleaseeee ????? loll

xoxo, Shariece
NICE! Great color, great shape!!! And yeah, I gotta make it a couple of months of no spending becasue I went nuts last year! I want to travel this year so gotta sacrifice the clothes...somewhat hehehe
Laurie said…
It's not that I "hate" them, I just think they look better on you than they would on me. I'm already 5'8 withOUT shoes. So, nahhh. Nice color tho! :)
Love the height of the shoes. The higher the better. I think you have one of the best collections of shoes I've seen.
That Girl E... said…
Love the color of those shoes, what is the size of heel? They look awfully tall, but
Fashion Pad said…
@Laurie....I did not realize u were that tall!

@DowntownChicagoBarbie...Thx boo! What a compliment.

@ThatGirlE....the heel is 7.5...I needed to get a size 7 for sure
Love the platform on the these and for the price, you totally scored! The color is amazing too - can't wait to see you rock them with an outfit!
XO - Marion
Viv said…
great platform heels! they are perfect on you :)
Sam said…
Gorgeous pumps! they are the perfect metallic colour and those heels are so fierce!
simplychic said…
the picture of the back of the shoe is CRAZY!!
~Style Bot~ said…
Girl these shoes are haute!!!! I love that platform heel.

With Class & Sass,
Anonymous said…
Girl, you are one hell of a SHOPAHOLIC :) I love the shoes, they are cute !!
Yes very sweet! These shoes are hawt!!! Loving the platform!
LA Lynn's said…
LIKE???? I LOVE THEM!!!!! Great Buy...
i die! i love that shoe! *shoe envy* i love love love love that shoe! i feel like gushing! oh wow and for $15?!!!!! steal!
Skinny said…
I love thick heels or platforms because they are super comfy
hey thanks for dropping by my blog,i totally love the shoe,who wldnt..xoxo
I love these shoes just ordered them in red!
Black Pearls said…
Those shoes are WONDERFUL!!!! Omg I love them !
Anonymous said…
Im LOVING the shoes girl!

xoxo, CG ♥