Coveting the LBD

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I experienced a serious case of blogger's block last evening. I could not...and still can not think of an exciting topic for a post. I have another reader request but I am still looking for the item I am to locate for her. Sooooo.....I'll share the fact that my shopping "wishlist" is getting out of hand. I truly hope that I will forget about most of these at the end of my hiatus, however, I'm like a kid that's promised to go to the park.....I WILL remember up to 3 months later, LOL.

Well my new wishlist submission is this lovely garment below.

ASOS Midi Dress with Cross Back Strap 

Okay, how hot is this LBD? It is so absolutely fabulous! Geesh, I feel like Kimora...I've been saying the word fabulous too many times. My vocab is waaayyy more extensive. SMH

I love the understated elegance, the unexpected criss cross back action, and the flattering silhouette.The model obviously has a long torso....I do not. Do you guys think I should get it anyway? I guess I could just get it altered if it fits funny. What say you my good people (in my best King Henry VIII voice)?



Yes mam you better get that, and for the price, shoot it may not be there long, that dress is Haute!!! Got me looking at it sideways ... That look a dogs gives you when they curious LOL... I can see it with those super sexy booties you displayed in a previous post, sorry I'm shopping through others cause I'm bound to my closet lol.
~Style Bot~ said…
You know...the LBD is 1 staple that I cannot say I really have in my closet. I just really do not wear black that much. However, I do love the silhouette of this dress. I believe that the classic line in all black can serve to give the illusion of a longer torso(you know since the monochromatic look elongates). You should definitely go for it! BTW, I find myself saying fabulous and super ALL the time...and I promise I have a very extensive vocab too!

With Class & Sass,
LocalCeleb said…
My word for the day is FOXY! I love the back detail- smokin' hot, I would need to take it up a bit because of my short torso as well- *love*
J.Jehanne said…
OMG I so need this dress in my life. Thank you for posting!

Fashion Pad said…
Yea that dress is FIYAH! Thx ladies, I think I'm going to get it :-)
xoxo Kellz* said…
love this dress badddd
LBD! I say yes to LBD always! I have a few of my own and I would love some more haha.
Yolandaas said…
Ahw im so glad you liked the tutorial hun!!

I really like this dress.. love cut out backs and it looks really classy.. xx
Alina said…
Beautiful dress!Love it!
Rhe Beep said…
You need to buy that. I love that style and the back is killer.

ms.composure said…
stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! def wish i had that dress!!
haha, i experience "blocks" every once in a while, too! love the back detail on this dress. just gorgeous. :)

Rocker Chic said…
I love the lbd and yes you can get away with it. I think you would look fab in it.
hautepinkpretty said…
get it anyway!! You could always have it hemmed shorter (or not)... i think it will look amazing on you :) xox
Rach said…
this is super sexy!! i love the lbd.. i definitely need more in my life
Earl-Leigh said…
That dress...I DIE! Love it!!
HeelsNposes said…
Isn't Jeffrey Campbell crazy????? His expression of art through his shoes is AMAZING. Mama said not to love material things but i'm loving those shoes, most JC shoes as a matter of fact.

xoxo (till next time)