Weekend Recap: Party Time

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

How was your weekend? I hope you all a fab one! I actually worked for the majority of mine, but I still was able to get out and party with friends. For my girl's b-day, me and the homie D hit up a huge club downtown to join her and her peeps for a little celebration........but we barely made it. Foremost, it took forever for me to shake off the "old woman" syndrome and drag myself up to start getting ready. It's crazy, but I started getting ready a mere 30 minutes before I left to scoop up my friend. SMH. Then, when we got downtown, we had no idea where the heck the club was and folks were too drunk....or just plain scary looking to ask/answer our questions. After using up the majority of our "heel time" (you know, the time it takes for your feet to hurt), we finally found it.

But let me reveal something to you all.....I had a serious "ah hah" moment. To clarify, I realized that I'm a grown behind woman and I can't do the club thing anymore. This was confirmed by several events in the club. 1.) When we walked in, the smoke from ciggys, blunts, etc nearly created a "high" in me. 2.) Almost everyone looked like they could be my student. 3.) My ears began ringing after being in the club for only about 10 minutes. 4.) I was traumatized by the scantily clad women grinding super hard on dudes....and each other. 5.) I didn't recognize over half the music being played. It's inevitable that we all will reach this point in our life, and trust me when I say I'm so not mad I'm here.....as a matter of fact, I'm relieved!

Now, with that relevation shared........on to the fashion. I pulled out this lovely leopard dress that I haven't shown much love to at all.

I was trying to go with an understated sexy look....remember it only took me 30 minutes to get ready, I couldn't do more, lol.

I have such a polygamist love for my shoes......I'm deeply attracted to all of them ;-)

Earrings - Street vendor
Dress - Zara
Bangles - gift from friend (Alexis Bittar bangles)
Clutch - Thrifted ($2.00)
Rings - Forever 21
Heels - Report Signature via Shopbop.com

Me and the homie D.....her outfit was super fly but I was too traumatized by the aforementioned events to remember to snap pics so please forgive me.

D with the gorgeous birthday girl.....CLORISSA!!! Please follow her on Twitter  @sheFASHIONfreak Pretty girls rock!

Me signing off......I look like I was wasted but I do not drink.....ever! I'm always the "designated Dave". And I take great pride in my duties ;-)



Unknown said…
You look great your body is amazing! Love the leopard print dres.. :)
Tavia Mac said…
Girrrl...I have been there for sevvvvvvveral minutes. I was done when I went to a club and the "ladies" had there hands on the club's drink filled nasty floor more than their feet. Ummm yeah...no joke!

As far your understated fit. The dress is FAB and the shoes....no words. You look great as usual!

Unknown said…
Gone Ms. Shanequa, looking good girl!! Love the shoes!!

See the reason you gave are the very reason I was NEVER ever, ever, ever into going to clubs. I just don't do crowded places all that well, lol!! Then when you start mixing drinking and people getting high with that, OH MY it's scary to me!! If I go to any type of "club" it's to celebrate something with a friend and that is usually to a more mature club (yeah an old folks club) where we can dance to music I know (good oldies), chill and have a couple of drinks. Other than that clubs are a NO for me!! Shoot we can go to a Tapas Bar a nice Lounge, but a club, naaaaa I'm good!!

Carsedra of:


Arr said…
The dress and shoes are smoking hot.

Love the recap of events. You have to try a few 30 + spots because if it isn't that, I can't hang either.
Ticka said…
I know exactly what you mean. Once you hit a certain age, all of the things that you thought were fun and cool, are now aggravating and lame. I still like to go out, but it's a different venue now. A different type of crowd (and the music is less deafening, lol) Anyhoo...

You look great! Love the outfit. Sexy!!

Style4Curves said…
You look hottttttttt and I definitely had the same revelation about a year ago with the clubs....now I try to go to mature places/lounge/bar type of spots that the clubs per se.....
Shawn Giles said…
Loveeeeeee hunny!!! Is your name Shanequa? Mines is too..if so..never knew another...lol anywho u are toooo cute doll loves it! Will be following...

Thanks for viewing my blog!
Kim said…
I love your dress. You look hot.
You looked hot, it looks like you had an amazing time.
I was out this weekend, no party, just work and some house shopping.

Thank you for your message, I hope I will feel like Christmas soon.
You aren't not lying about the club. I haven't been into clubs since I was 22 and then I still didn't like them. I'm a lounge type of girl. I like to look hot and sip my drink with my feet comfortably on the floor.
Teshia_Nicole said…
lol awww love the outfit! and maybe a more mature club will do you some justice. Although I'm only 22 I tend to like mature clubs better, people act like they have some sense and less drama! and lol at the "too scarey to ask questions" lol
Nekiah Torres said…
I am dying laughing right now! Girl I know exactly what you mean. These kids and they "MESS" that they are calling fun have got to go! lol I can't stand all that smoke. I always get a headache. I would rather stay home and watch movies! lol Your dress is super cute and those shoes are bangin! Kiah
Beauty or Swaag said…
hahaha !that's so funny.
I'm still young, & I've been to the club once!

I havent been to a freakin partyy in forever because I'm too picky abt stuff & i get irritated.

i hate being overly hot & i hate ppl all up on me, bumpin into me, females who are too full of themselves.

& you catch all that when you go out ! loll.

but on the other hand, you outfit is baddass like alwayss.
love your shoesss.
& leopard printt <333 A+++++

plenty lovee & swaag
xoxo, Shariece

I love the dress... u look great...

Fabulous photos!!!
You look amazing!!!
Anonymous said…
lol...That last show must've been your high from the haze...AMJ
Unknown said…
You're so cute! I went out too this weekend with the ladies from my training place! Needless to say, it was crazy and fun, I don't normally do the club thing anymore.. I like and I'm gonna use "heel time" Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
That is a very haute outfit! I'm a sucker for leopard prints and I do love the pop of color from your handbag. Want those shoes!!!

xoxo Kellz* said…
fireeeeeeeeeeee:) u look hot
LV said…
First, you look amazing! I love this outfit! I can totally relate to your views on the club. I know I am definitely at that point in my life.

Unknown said…
You look amazing! Love how you styled the outfit& your friends look good! Lol @ the heel time comment..
Bravoe Runway said…
I hear ya...but you know what? Atleast you don't look like any of those 5 incidences would be a dead giveaway that the club scene was no longer your thing!
Ag said…
I love that Dress!!! Work it! and thanks for the Birthday love! Appreciated it!
HeelsNposes said…
Sounds like me! I don't like the clubs, too crowded and uncomfortable. I much rather a lounge setting or something bigger with less noise which in the end always turns out to be my house...LOL. Something about those shoes, they're different. Love them!

xoxo (till next time)
Jeeda said…
Lovin' the Leo dress and you're definitely wearing it!! LMAO off @ you and the club experience but I hear ya, I can't do it either. Lovin' D's "do"...nice!!!
fumz.x said…
love your outfit you look so pretty xoxo