Wanted: Jimmy Jazz Fashion Leggings

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays. Let me tell you how yesterday evening was a HOT MESS for yours truly!!! After I got off work, I went to my local Sprint store to get my new phone activated. Afterwards, I went to grab a bite to eat and while I was at the counter, some demon-possessed soul STOLE my phone! Can you believe that ish??? How bold as hell! What happened to the spirit of Christmas? I'm so upset because I just paid to get a replacement and now I was, again, without a phone. And not to mention the injustice. Who steals phones nowadays anyways??? They give them to you for FREE when you sign up!!! That bama is not going to get much on the market for it....I know cause I checked. But I'm still pissed because my old memory chip was in there and I had new pictures I hadn't downloaded yet. UGGHHH!!!!

To make matters worse, I run up to Sprint because I still had the old phone with me in hopes that they could reactivate it, and I guess I got there too close to closing time and those bamas not only were rushing me, but they didn't reactivate my phone correctly! I couldn't make any calls once I left. I had to call in to Sprint 6 times and that just took the cake. I have got to move my service to another company. Even one of the managers was rude! Why can't people understand the value of customer service anymore? He actually said "well what do you expect me to do?". If I could reach through that phone I'd be in some one's jail cell right now. SMH Anyhew, the sixth and final phone call connected me to someone who actually knew what they were doing and went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out. The entire process took 2 1/2 hours of unnecessary wasted time. Sprint sucks! And their ridiculous insurance company will not send out a phone until I verify my identity by faxing them a copy of my driver's license along with an affidavit form. Ummm.....ya'll have already sent me out several phones before and this time you need proof of ID??? Asurian can eat grass too! So that means I will not receive my new phone for at least 4 more days. In the words of Stewie Griffith..."What the Deuce?". #EPICFAIL

Anyhew, while I try to get a tight control of all this pent up rage and frustration, lemme show you the leggings from this site JimmyJazz.com that I am interested in purchasing. This is exactly why I don't like to get stressed.....I increase my propensity to shop. Certainly not a good thing for a fashion lover such as myself. My control is already tethering on a cliff. SMH.

I am loving some of the leggings on their site and I want to share a couple I'm thinking about purchasing with you all.

Essentials Mesh Side Insert Leggings 

LOVE the sexy mesh side inserts on these leggings. I have always wanted a pair, but the ones I spotted were too pricey for a trendy item such as this. But 10 bucks is a steal!!! I have this off the shoulder, oversized sweater that I could pair them with and the final touch would be my over the knee boots. Yaaayyyy!!!!

Ecko Fashion Printed Leggings 

The above leggings will go great with my new cropped tee I scooped up from F21 and my new Giuseppes. A colorful party outfit but oh so fun!

Essentials Fashion Leggings with Leather Panel 

For this price, I'm pretty sure the "leather" panels aren't really....leather. However, for the super cute design and affordable price I'll let them get away with it, lol. Hmmm....this pair could be styled for a "rocker chic" look or a "bad girl" look. HOT!

So what do you guys think of my selections.....yay or nay?



Style4Curves said…
I love them all!!! I have a pair of the mesh panel insert leggings that I got from another seller for much more about 2 years ago I only wore mine once but they were super fun!!! my fave pair are the color leggings. I hope u get a new phone soon!
Shawn Giles said…
YES GAWD!!!OMG I'M ABOUT TO ORDER NOW!!Thanks for sharing!!!!
I need a pair of leggings so bad.
Beauty or Swaag said…
I love Jimmy Jazz.
those are great selections. they're all cute as hell : )

plenty lovee & swaag
xoxo, Shariece

Anonymous said…
Oh!!! I love those with Leather Panel
LA Lynn's said…
Awe, hun... I am sooo sorry that someone stole your phone! I would be effin' freaked out behind that! Well, just look at it like this: that demon will lose more than he/she gain.

Now to those leggings... the LEATHER PANEL are the BOMB.COM!!!!!
Who steal someone phone seriously! People just aren't no good. You lose hope in mankind. Those leggings are adorble. I live in leggings.
Anonymous said…
Those leggings are HOT!!!!
Clara Turbay said…
Good ideas and wonderful pictures!

Zuqueta said…
Sorry that you had such a bad day.... But the leggings are a great find! I personally love the last pair. Can't wait to see your rocker chic look!
Cathy said…
lovelove all three pairs. I'm sorry about your phone service issues thought\. T__T
Jeeda said…
Lovin' that last pair! Sorry about your phone (read the next post and seems all's well now) Who steals phones...just crackish.