Reader Request - Beyonce's Leggings

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday lovelies!!!! I'm so excited for the start of this fab weekend. I have so many awesome events to attend and of course I will be kicking it with the fam and my besties this holiday. Who can ask for a more amazing blessing than this??? Thank you GOD!!! I will posting pics sporadically next week because I'll be on a mini vacay so stick with me luvs ;-)

I have a reader request to share with you all from Shannon:

Hey Shanequa,

I am a long time reader of Fashion Pad and I really enjoy your blog and style. I also like how you help readers out if they need it. Because of that I'm writing you to see if you can help me find these leggings that Beyonce was spotted wearing. They are so cute and I have been looking for a unique pair like hers. She's my style icon!!! 

Thanks so much for your help

Okay Shannon, thanks for the request....and compliments! Beyonce, who looks ready to drop that baby any day now, is rocking some fab Alexander Mcqueen leggings. See below.

Ocelot Print Leggings - $635.00

Ummm....they are super pricey! I decided to find a couple of similar looks for less just in case you're not willing to shell out $600 plus for a pair of leggings.....but if you got it like that, could you get me a pair too? LOL. I kid, I kid (sort of )

Essentials Fashion Print Legging 

Before I say anything about these leggings, please head over to this site to see their funky, urban selection of leggings. They are too cute AND extremely affordable. I'm bout to get a couple pairs for the low. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. These leggings do have the black and brown color combo, but not so much the color spacing. In other words, the black dominates the print. But I think the "painter style" reflects the McQueens a little better than what I scouted. And did you see that price??? Yea, they're an option.

Leopard Seamless Legging 

The pair above has more of the brown background look but no "painter style" print. However, it does offer a good alternative to the Queen B's pants and I can see the versatility with this style. We all know that leopard is a "neutral", lol.

I'm sorry I couldn't locate any more affordable finds that would give you Beyonce's look, but McQueen is a unique brand and hard to emulate. Which is why the designs are hard to find for less. 
Happy shopping!



Sarai said…
She looks so hot in these!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Great alternative for sure!
Shawn Giles said…
I love your name is Shanequa!! I swear I thought I was the only one:)....Another fab fashionista with the same great name:)....Loves your blog and your feedback on mines, thank u so much:)

xoxo Happy Holidays:)
Anonymous said…
I bought a similar one at H&M!!!
These are hot.
I wish you happy and peaceful holidays!!! Yes, at last, I feel like Christmas, thank you so much for your sweet words.
Clara Turbay said…
Nice post Merry Xmas!!!
notanymore said…
Merry Christmas, Shanequa!
~Style Bot~ said…
I love your fresh approach to a fashion blog. You have a new follower, chickadee!

Sincerely Mally said…
Oh man, thank you reader for requesting this :D I am about to check out that site! Never heard of it it! Hopefully they ship to Bemuda :) Yay for responding to user request lol im gonna send my requesttssss LOL

Happy Holidays!