Outfit: Paper Bag Harem Pants???

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Have you ever purchased something then thought "Why and the heck did I buy this?"? It's a rare occurrence for me now that I'm a more "seasoned" shopper. But these questionable moments do occur and they actually stir up fond memories from my childhood. Do you remember when you were younger and the girls who liked every dude they were remotely attracted to were referred to as "boy crazy".....well I think that's the feeling I get when I make these impulse buys. Oh well, sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. My recent "fashion crazy" garment is this pair of denim pants below. 

Okay, what the heck are these??? I think they are a mix between the paper bag and harem style. It's so weird that I would buy these because I take great precaution in securing clothing that flatters my curves....not hides them.

But guess what.....I bought these suckers so they're gonna get worn, whether they're in style or not! That's what I get for falling for the fad (trends last several seasons.....fads, not so much).

Another thing that irks me.....besides the waist tie that comes undone easily.....is the fact their high-waist style really shortens my torso to like 5 inches long!!! There is absolutely NO illusion of height with these bad boys....SMH.

Earrings - Street vendor
Necklace - taken from grandma's jewelry box
Cardigan and Tank - Urban Outfitters
Denim Pants - Forever 21
Handbag - Cole Haan
Wedge heels - Aldo

What do you guys think? A couple more wears then toss them? Or what?
As always, thanks in advance for the advice :-)



Unknown said…
Hang on to them for a little while and if you're not feelin' 'em, toss 'em ! I have the shortest waist known to man, and I'm already a shorty ta boot so... I have that same *waist* problem.

Have a great day love!
I actually really like these pants! The shoes are great too!
Ticka said…
Personally, I don't like it when pants create a poofy/saggy look in the front. I just couldn't get with that trend. But I don't think you should toss them because it's such a unique piece, and you styled it well.

Tavia Mac said…
I am laughing because I have a similar pair of pants and when I saw them in the store the concept of them was great. So I bought them to take on a trip. I tried them on and was saying they were just OK, I just needed to style them and see them in full effect with shoes and accessories. So I packed them. I went on my trip and pulled the fit out and got dressed and said to myself..."UGH!" Fail! I haven't worn them since. lol

But you my dear, look just fine in them. Those shoes are in the wrong closet. They should be in mine!

Beauty or Swaag said…
either way , you look great !
& I want your shoessssss ! ahah.
I love them

I think I have a shoe addiction , but the bad thing is, I buy and hardly wear .

I have to fix that !

but great outfit

plenty love & swaag
xoxo, Shariece
oohh... I love those wedges and also ur pants( i have something similar to ur pants,light blue in color)..
Thanks for leaving me a lovely comment..

Anonymous said…
I like the outfit! In special the pants ... I bought the same at H&M... Im in love!!! hehe

My Website
I use to have a huge problem with that. Now that I'm older I don't do as many impulse buying. I love your story it made me laugh.
Style4Curves said…
I love the shoes the pants work well on you tho!!
I'm all for harem pants, I have 5 pairs so far. Yours rock!!!
Unknown said…
I Love the Shoes.. but I'm completly with you on sticking to what I know works with my curves.. I rarely step outside the box to much.. these pants are terrible, maybe if they were just a 1 size smaller they would drape your curves better, you still look Fab as always tho :)
Unknown said…
Definitely not a fan of harem pants, but you styled it well, and those shoes are gorgeous..
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
I think they fit you well!
Lisa R Charles said…
Ok the pants started growing on me as I kept scrolling down. You can toss them or keep them whatever you decide I could go either way!
You rocked the pics!! Like the sassy n sexy shots ;-)
E. Harness said…
They look terrible you should give them to me, I'll be over to pick them up tomorrow. :-) love ya
Kenzie Leigh said…
love love love the shoes!!!!
Sincerely Mally said…
Shoe game is on point!!!!! Those pants are hawt!!