Outfit: Leopard Print Fail

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I had dinner with my business partners a few weeks ago and I decided to wear the leopard print pants I told you guys about here that I scooped up from Urban Outfitters for a mere $9.99!!! 

Honestly, they don't fit like a skinny pair of jeans should fit. I have too much room in the crotch area and although I went up a size, it should not sag this much because I have ample hips and butt to spare!

Do you see what I mean??? They are sooooo baggy through the leg....so wonder they were on the super clearance rack, lol. I would have changed my outfit but I was running way behind schedule.

In love with these wedges.......

The fit of the jeans just sucks so I'm going to attempt to alter them because I really love the color. Oh yea, I forgot to take the tag off my back right pocket, lol. No one noticed ;-)

Earrings- Street vendor
Outer scarf - Nordstrom
Inner scarf - Claire's
Tank and Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Ring - Forever 21
Handbag - Calvin Klein Collection
Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell via Nastygal.com

My friends and I met up at a local sushi restaurant for our meeting.

Heeeyyyyy Dawana and Dexter!!!!

And of course there's Eric.....who decided to sit like a Japanese Geisha throughout dinner, LOL. He chose the sitting area with no seats. I hadn't sat in "Indian style" for years. Your girl was too through after about an hour. SMH.

After we shut the restaurant down.....literally.....we went outside and had a mini photo shoot.

Eric rocked out in what I termed "granny chic". The earth tones look great on him per usual.

Eric with one of his infamous "I haven't eaten in a week" poses, LMBO! He's a funny guy. Follow him on Twitter at @Vieraboyeh.

Dawana is such a fab style AND hair chameleon. She's also a personal stylist and you can hit her up on Twitter at @5StarrStyle. My girl brings that funk so I'm cosigning her on the dotted line!!!

So rocker chic! I need those boots D!

We couldn't get Dexter to join the photo session...per usual, lol. But fun times with the gang is a norm. I can't wait until we get further with our project so I can share with you all!!!!

SIDEBAR: What the heck happened to 8 of my followers???? Did I say sumthin to offend? Is my style uninspiring? I think that about certain looks I post but not all, lol. Oh well, thanks to those of you who continue to put up with my shenanigans :-)



You and your look amazing, I love your outfit, just perfect.
SharieceG said…
regardless , you still look gorgeous. & those wedges should be mineee , lol.

plentyy lovee & swaag
xoxo, Shariece

Sarai said…
Lol a few of my followers have disappeared mysteriously too! Oh well :) I have to say I think the pants would look soo much better if you made them more figure hugging but that's just me - I love tight clothes! And the other two look fantastic as well xoxo
Kim said…
Seems like a fun group of friends. Great buy on the pants even though you don't like the fit. You look great. And I too wonder where my followers go. I guess they get bored with what we display, thankfully others like it and can appreciate it!
peggy said…
Style4Curves said…
I still love the jeans and the fit isn't horrible to me but I know how it feels to wear pants that don't fit like you want. TRUST me. My butt hates pants lolll
noone said…
cute outfit I really like your leopard pants!
oomph. said…
look at all you stylish peeps! your jeans were a steal at $10! even though they aren't as "skinny" as you hoped, they still look good.

thanks for stopping by!
returning the follow :)
What's the next line? Help write the story!
Unknown said…
I love those jeans! Work it mama!
Skinny said…
Love your wedges!!
Arr said…
All of you look great. I love hip chic friend groups.

PS. May I have the bag and shoes for Christmas? It can be a secret Santa sort of thing.
CeCe said…
Lol Eric is fabulous! I love the Granny chic look!
Ticka said…
Girl, those wedges are killer!! I see what you mean about the pants, but you look good in them nonetheless. I would love to see them when you get them tailored.

Don't worry about your numbers. You have great style and you'll gain plenty more. =D
Dre said…
I love the pants and the fit doesn't look horrible to me, either! I think you look fab as always and so do your friends! I really need those wedges in my life too haha :)

And I wouldn't worry about the lost followers. You have great style and your faithful readers will continue to read and support. I've lost a few readers too and at first I took it personally. But then I realized, for all those who don't like what I post, someone out there does and doesn't mind interacting and commenting. So look at it as their loss!

Keep doing you, mama =]
Sincerely Mally said…
Your wedges are AMAZING!

Your friend Eric remind me of a guy i work with haha fabulous they are!

Lisa R Charles said…
You guys all look great! Eric is too cute!
As per the follow thing chalk it up and keep it moving. They are not your concern anyway. It's the ones that are still here that matter ;-)
E. Louise said…
Baggy or not the jeans are cute! Thanks for the follow back!!

E. Harness said…
Thanks for the comments ladies. I'll keep doing my part to increase Noosie's stock and followers. I really am an asset to this blog. LOL

ps- love ya Noosie ;-)
Anonymous said…
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