Outfit: Dressed for War

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Thanks so much for your lovely support via Twitter and the comments section regarding my phone. One guy reminded me that it could have been worse and dude could have had a gun and robbed me of everything I had. SO TRUE!!! I thanked God that I wasn't hurt, but I didn't communicate the "silver lining" during my vent session. My bad! It's never a good look to only highlight the bad and neglect the good. Sprint actually contacted me yesterday and they promised me that they will address the rude manager I spoke to (the rep said they had a voice recording), and they were able to expedite the delivery of my new phone. Way to make up for the sub par customer service!!!

You know what's interesting.....fifteen years ago I wouldn't even miss a phone, but now.....our society has catered to the exponential growth of technology and our high dependence on gadgets. I literally manage my life with one device. But trust....I'm going to remedy that starting now. I refuse to be left lost and looking forlorn over a 0.7 lb phone. SMH

I have tons of photos to share with you all but I'm going to try to keep the timeline together. After my first "Christmas shopping" outing of the season, I realized that getting all jazzy to hit up the malls and outlets was not going to work. Those vultures were pushy, rude, and the scene was just too overcrowded. I then decided to look relaxed, ready for war, and a little stylish ;-)

Military-inspired combat boots and beret get me ready for "war", LOL.

Now this bag I absolutely LOVE....however, I can never find anything in it. It has no compartments and a tiny zip-up. Certainly not ideal for a huge cross-body.

This bag is super obnoxious, lol. But it's so boho chic right?

Beret - grandmother's closet
Earrings - Forever 21
Faux Leather Jacket - Bitten by SJP
Tank and Handbag - Urban Outfitters
Bracelet - Emporio Armani
Jeans - random boutique in NY
Boots - Charlotte Russe



fierce boots.. & lovely bag, like the color...
Style4Curves said…
I LOVEEEEEE that bag!!!!
Shawn Giles said…
I LOVE THOSE SHOES HUNNY! You look too cute and cas...and war ready lol


thanks for visiting my blog and for your awesome feedback..

LA Lynn's said…
That is sooo true it always could be worst! Main thing is you are living and breathing to see another day so you can get another phone.

I too am loving the boho bag it is HUGE!!!!! This look is very fitting for THE MALL Madness!!!!
Beauty or Swaag said…
I'm glad that everything is getting straightened out with your phone !

& I love those boots !
girll, you made the right decision with that outfit. The malls were crazyyy !

plenty lovee & Swaag
xoxo, Shariece
: )

Carmen Vogue said…
I love this look! I especially need that bag! Great post

Unknown said…
You look great! Cool bag
Bespoke Biddie said…
that bag is awesome!

oomph. said…
that IS a fabulous bag...but i can see how it would be impossible to find things in it. there's always a price to pay for style, tho!

I love your bag, such a cool look.
Ticka said…
I love a big bag! Yea, they're not practical, but they look so fab! lol!
LV said…
I love that bag too! Very nice jacket and cute look!

Sorry to hear about what happened with the phone! You look great in the military gear though! Love that green bag!
E. Harness said…
Now you know you gonna have to give me that bag! That thing is huge!! I must have it!
Sincerely Mally said…
Dressed for war - love the theme :D that bag looks like a fashionista version of a hand grenade!! Hawwt