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Greetings Fashion Friends,

I am certainly a fan of Mr. Christian Louboutin, however, not all of his shoes win me over. When the 'Daffodil' pump first came on the scene I was like oh no, these things are ridiculous and remind me of Daffy Duck's girlfriend, Daisy (you can Google her, LOL)! I'm all for extreme, fashion forward designs but they did nothing for me at the time. However, he's back with a new design that I think I love.

I guess all he needed to do was add fabric to this tapered toe pump in a geometric embroidered design and he got me!!! But seriously, the addition of the fabric tones down the gigantic platform and allows me to see a 'normal' pump.


It even appears to be a classic design from the front. The other plain color styles were quite severe.

I will admit that it's still a very imposing silhouette and now, with this bold design, it's down right powerful! But me likey anyways! I'm sure we'll start to see this style on every other celebrity diva because I swear their fashion sense cred is limited to the "trendy" designers of the moment.

This new style of the infamous 'Daffodil' pump makes it a fab heel in my opinion, and for only $1,095.00, you can scoop up this beauty at . Mmmm.....pricey!!!! So what do you all think of this monster pump?



E. Harness said…
you know I love it! why am I up right now o_O

Dani Angel said…
I love these shoes. I wish Santa would bring me a pair of these for Christmas LOL.
Teshia_Nicole said…
These are amazing! but yes pricey
:( lol
Style4Curves said…
Unknown said…
Shoegasm! Are you kiddin' me? You couldn't tell me nuffin' in these heels.. not a dang thang! lol-
I love them, those beauties will go great with a statement piece.
Alina said…
Great shoes!Love the print!
Beauty or Swaag said…
those shoes are sexyyy

plenty lovee & swaag
xoxo, Shariece
fumz.x said…
Beautiful shoes, how i can imagine them wrapped under my Christmas tree. lool
thanks for the love.x
- Kimbunnii - said…
IN LOVE! I saw Tracee Ellis Ross rockin' em on Wendy, she was doin it!
Unknown said…
OMG they're so beautiful & fabulous!
Janique-HGB said…
Those are definitely hot!
Veronique said…
But a Grand is NOT in my budget.
Going to find a *DUPE*