New Arrivals - Jeffrey Campbell STR8UP Wedges

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I am so uber excited to introduce you all to my new wardrobe addition. Yes, you heard me, I have 99 problems but my style ain't one...hit me!

Say hello to my little friend *in my best Colombian gangsta voice*. I couldn't wait to share this heel with my fellow fashionistas because I knew you guys would understand my joy. After stalking this shoe for about a month I finally got it on Black Friday at an excellent discount. Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!

These suckers are just......gorge! IMO! They are fashion forward, with some trendy elements, and while the suede material was initially a concern....JC did a fabulous job and it looks more modern as opposed to 1970s.

So of course I took these babies for a mini test drive this weekend. And it's so sad but I have to share with you all that the only place I rocked them was the grocery store. LMBO! But I had to try them out ;-)

These suckers make my legs appear EXTRA long......SWEET!!!!!!!!

Haaa! I know it looks like I'm trying to pick up my leg, but I was just trying to show you all another angle, lol.

I was soooo enthralled with these wedges I totally neglected my hair. Looked like I'd been wrestling an alligator, YIKES!

I hadn't worn this skirt either. You know ya girl felt extra brand new, lol!

Earrings - Forever 21
Top - Macy's
Clutch and Skirt - Forever 21
Wedge Heels - Jeffrey Campbell via

All in all these shoes are fantabulous (yes, I made that ish up)! They are super comfortable and I tried to lean back and the weight of the platform didn't allow for any "tipping" over. I was very pleased as I am extremely clumsy so I don't need to add any additional accidents to my repertoire if I can help it. These heels are my new favorites!!!!

What do you guys think?



OMG! Those shoes are H O T !!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow amazing! but aren't they hard to walk in ?

You look stunning!
Unknown said…
I love your shoes and you are hilarious, are they at all hard to walk in, your legs do look longer too!

Tavia Mac said…
All Imma say is Guuuuuuuuuuuurllll! You betta work!

Ok....I need these shoes in my life ASAP and will do what I need to in order to get them (In my best Columbian voice LOL)
Style4Curves said…
LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS them!!!!! I would love a pair but I tend to stay away from ankle strap shoes b/c they make my legs look huge!!
Tammy said…
these are too cute.. I want them & that quote "I have 99 problems but my style ain't one"... LOVE IT!

Fashion Pad said…
@Cinderellaalert @localceleb: these wedges are supa dupa easy to walk in. I was amazed....and ya'll know I mainly rock heels on this blog and in real life, LOL
Fashion Pad said…
@highheels&goodmeals: girl u stupid, lol! U will LOVE them. U know u rock out in heels.

@Tammy: Please get 'em. I'm gonna need my fellow fashion beauties to give me more styling ideas, lol
Unknown said…
Guuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrlllll!! Right now I am speechless, those shoes right there, those shoes right there...........girl I need to come slap you for these!!!! OM-FREAKING-G!!!

Carsedra of:
Unknown said…
See Now.. Those Shoes Over ride every pair I own.. I WANT THAT SHOE!!! They look fantabulous on you LOL.. I use that word often.. and I was concerned about the stability and walking around in them, but now i'm convinced I can wear them without falling on my teeth LOL.. great post and I'm Jelly... Yep.. I AM..
Prissy said…
Those shoes are amazing!! And you're right. They def do make your legs look longer!

Anonymous said…
I love ittttt
Unknown said…
Omg I've so been wondering what its like to walk in these? Is t hard.. or is it like walking on your toes lol looks great x
Kim said…
Those shoes are hot! I like how you got all dressed up to go to the grocery store. I do that too!
Mimi said…
Haute! I saw a girl at an event I went to rocking those. They look hard to walk in but you have me curious, I may need to go try them on to see for myself. Might walk out with a pair!
Beauty or Swaag said…
girll let me tell youuu , I will say right now , I'm Jealous ! I love JC's shoess , & you make me want thosee lol.

those babyss aree gorgeousss .

you know you wana wrap them up & giving to me right ? haha.

enjoy thosee pretty thinggs : )

plenty lovee & swaag
xoxo, Shariece
Cathy said…
haha your little intro with Jay-Z and Scarface made me laugh. xD those shoes are o_________________O so flattering. like damn! You rock them~! c:
Unknown said…
Girl you just gave me a heart attack! These shoes are TDF! I love them!
Sincerely Coco said…
those heels are bad ass!!!more power to you in walking in them!!I would bust my behind LOL

- Kimbunnii - said…
WOW amazing heels, girl I would sleep in those LOL - tooooo hot!
agnes said…
wouah....elles sont MAGNIFIQUES tes chaussures, j'adore, j'adore
Kiwi..x said…
HOT!!!!!!!! I bet there had to balance in doe

Kiwi ..x
Lisa R Charles said…
You right about got 99 problems but style ain't one LOL!!! They look great and wearing them to the grocery store for a test spin, priceless, Ha! I like to new yet vintage look. I'm heading over to nastygal right now ;-)
bb said…
dude those shoes are incredible. I wouldn't be able to balance in them, though, knowing me!

x. jill
those ghosts
Annie said…
They ARE fantabulous and deserve to have a word made up for them! Are they hard to walk in? Love it :)

The Other Side of Gray
Unknown said…
GORGEOUS, Love 'em... Totally understand your joy - the shoes are "fantabulous" ;)

Those shoes are hot! I want a pair so bad.
Unknown said…
Doll they're absolutely FABULOUS!! and you're definitely rocking them.

<3 Marina
Damn!!!! those shoes are off the HOOK!!!! Loves them
Crystal said…
those shoes are so awesome! love those, can't wait to see you rock them some more!

Unknown said…
So...if I were your friend in "real" life you would have to lock them up every. single. time. I came to visit because I would try to steal those shoes! BTW, I love that you didn't wait for a "reason" to get dressed up and rock em and went grocery shopping in them!
Lili said…
omg thats so hot!!!!
Stephanie said…
Lucky you
the shoes look great with your legs
*a bit envious*

Nekiah Torres said…
Those thangs are the business! LOVE the color! Kiah