Weekend Recap

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend!!! I hope you all had a fabulous one. Mine was super busy but full of fun and exciting events. Friday I went home to help my grandmother cook for a fundraiser. I spent the night with her and woke up around 5:30am to cook again....O_O. But it was super fun because my grandma is the BOMB!!!!! It was pretty chilly so I was able to pull out a sweater and boots. Yeeeeyyyyy!!! LOL!

I was so surprised when I bought these boots last year and they were over the knee. Sweet!

My grandma was like "What are you doing? Please don't try to use these to get on a reality show." LMBO! Grandma what do you know bout that, LOL! She was just joking of course.

Hmmm.....I wonder when the next cold front is coming. Oh Florida!

Scarf - Nordstrom
Sweater - Zara
Rings - Street vendors
Jeans - Forever 21
Handbag - Cole Haan
Boots - Charlotte Russe

On Saturday, we had our fundraiser then I quickly shot back to the O for some mentoring. I mentored a group from the organization YMCA Young Achievers (at risk kids that we motivate to become successful). We had a gang of students (all 11th graders) there and we broke them up into sessions based on their current career interests. Can you believe that I only had 4 students that were interested in the healthcare field???? Oh well, it's hard work and a lot of stress at times. You really have to LOVE what you do and want to help improve a patient's health if you want to stay sane ;-)

Did I say that they were all girls? Their interests ranged from nursing, pharmacy (whoo hoo), to research, psychiatry, and dermatology.

You know I had to act crazy, lol!

Anyways, it was a very successful event overall and I think the students really appreciated our enthusiasm in their growth and success. You want them to know that you truly care because I believe it motivates them to do the right thing.



Arr said…
Love the boots.

Grandma...no reality shows..promise. lol.

The healthcare field is wide open. Mentoring is such a good thing.
Unknown said…
Thats great that you do that with teenagers/children to help them out. How do you think they find it? I am actually thhinking about starting up a course to help teenage girls with their confidence in and out of school.
Also thats cool that you got to do cooking with your grand mother! I love times like that :) Gorgeous boots :) x
Ticka said…
Those boots are too cute!!

I love volunteering! It's so great to see young motivated people.
Unknown said…
Awww I love your boots! and that's great about the YMCA -all girls too ;)

Unknown said…
Looks like you had a full weekend girly! Love love love your boots... I've been looking for some and I'm going to Charlotte Russe TODAY to fine the ones you have!

have a great day :)
Kim said…
I love your boots!
Looks like an amazing weekend, you are a rocking girl.
Unknown said…
What a fabulous outfit and your boots are to die for! Great post!!!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks a bunch ladies!!! Those boots were less than $40 bucks!

@SaoirseD....I really felt that the girls were excited about our discussion. At first they were timid but then they loosened up and really got into my talk because they started asking tons of questions.
CeCe said…
Thats so great that you mentor to those young ladies. Its so important to have positive women to look up to...and having GREAT fashion sense is an extra perk! Cute outfit!! i <3 the fall look!
HeelsNposes said…
Love Love Love the over the knee boots. Can't believe I don't own a pair. Sad stuff =(.

xoxo (till next time)
Unknown said…
Really, I would say they were delighted at the end of the day I would say that it was really fun for all of them aswell :)Its really good that you do it. Everyone needs a role model ;) x
Ashley said…
I can't wait until it gets cold so I rock my knee boots. They look so cute on you! Love the look! Mentoring to the youth is great. Great job :)