Shoe Obsession

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Happy Hump day! Two more days of working for the man....and the woman (that's me) and I will see another fabulous weekend! I'm going home on Friday to help my grandmother clean and cook some chicken and stuff for a dinner sale, then I have a very special event on Saturday......I'm mentoring some at-risk kids during my mid-morning hours! SOOOO excited!!!! I did this for the first time last year and it really was a good event. At first, the youth look at you like you have 3 heads...but then, they cannot resist my bubbly personality and they come around, lol. Can't wait!

Okay guys, I think I have a plan on how to curb my ADD shopping habit. You know, the one where I say I'm going to get this, this, and this, and then I totally bring home something else entirely different because I'm easily distracted ;-) However, I need your assistance! I'm going to list 4 products today that I must purchase before I buy anything else.....clever right. This will keep me focused because a product may catch my eye and until I get my "list" is completed, I won't be able to purchase it. Please call me out if I post anything different. You know I can't keep a fashion secret! I understand my plan sounds insane, but trust me, I've budgeted for it AND added it to my golden "must do" handy dandy planner. It's guaranteed to get done if it lands in the planner, LOL. But I promise, if I mess up, I'll let you all know. Besides, you guys will empathize with me right?

STRUT Metal Heel Platform Shoes

I love the rich blue color and the amazing, eye-catching metal heel on this shoe. It just makes such a bold and stylish statement. IN LOVE!!! I'm gonna order these babies today.


I've been eyeing the above heel for a while. At first, I couldn't decide whether I liked it or not. Then, I saw the potential in this unique beauty and I must say I need this versatile sandal in my collection. The animal print heel and playful tassel really provide a fashion forward aesthetic. I'm gonna go try them on either today or tomorrow.

Alexander Wang Freja Suede and Leather Ankle Boots

This shoe is currently only available in one of two sizes I normally wear. I'm afraid to get it because the description says it fits true to size.....and you know most of the time they're on point with the fit. I think I'm going to call the company and see if I can talk to someone who will give me the inside scoop. I hate to buy the smaller size without being able to try them on.....but aren't they LOVELY!!!! These rich jewel tones aer really winning me over this season.

Str8up by Jeffrey Campbell

Now, please note that the above heels are currently out of stock! So if I have to deviate after purchasing the 1st three heels.......I should get a pass right? LOL! But seriously, I probably wouldn't rock these til spring, but who knows, I live in Florida so the "rules" of fashion are totally out the door most times. I'm looking for that no heel shoe that will really turn heads....mine included :-) I think these fit the bill.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120

Here's another heel that is out of stock. Arggghhhh!!!! I'm ready to get these heels. I don't know why I've been waiting so long. But when I finally decide to cop them, they are no where to be found. *insert deep sigh here* The CL site says that they may be available in about 4 locations....3 in NY and 1 in Miami. I'll have to contact the one in Miami first. I must get these heels and when I find them....they're mine (in my best evil obsessed villain voice).

So do you all approve of this list? I love ya'll but if you guys disagree, I don't care, LOL.

Remember, today is the LAST day for the GIVEAWAY! Good luck people! I'll post the winner 1st thing tomorrow morning. Excited!



Unknown said…
I love those!!!! I have also been creeping on those tassel shoes!

If you get them,or any of those, I can't wait to see them on you!
You got some beauties there. I'm loving all the shoes but the ones from Zara. I'm dying to get those Jeffery Campbell shoes but I'm waiting until they come out with some knock-offs. I think its great that you are doing something for at risk youth. I've been thinking about doing something like that too.You have a good heart.
ar said…
Dont purchase anything. Re-create the old!
LA Lynn's said…
O bless your heart... I LOVE mentorship!!!! LA LUV the KIDS!!!! lol

Anyway, hunni... we ALWAYS never stick to the guns when it comes to shopping so it's ok BREAK some RULES!!!! LOL!

BTW, your pic's are darling! I don't think I can do the JC's I might FALL backwards!
CeCe said…
I *love* those first shoes! I saw a similar -knockoff- pair in a light purple and semi fell in love. Oh and those Pigalle Loubs...saw them on another fashion bloggers site and I'm not gonna like, they look uncomfortable. They were like pinching the top of her feet. Hm...Fashion vs comfort. Fashion prevails!
Sara said…
I love the shoe styles you selected. They're killer! :D There is no such thing as having too many shoes lol
Ebony Styles said…
I love the Strut metal heel platforms & the Srt8up by Jeffery Campbell (but I doubt I would be able to walk in them) great to look at though.
Alina said…
Great shoes!Love your selections!
Kids, they are the cutest thing ever, next to puppies :)).
The Jeffrey Campbell wedges are amazing.
Ag said…
I love those Zara heels, and the CL's are classic, but everyone has a pair of the classic pumps, don't know if I should get some YSL's or ride on the CL bandwagon...
HeelsNposes said…
Love them all! Hurry up and get them. Can't wait to see how you style them. The second pair is my absolute favorite. I've been eyeing those myself but i'm on a shopping strike so no no no. =)
Liscy said…
OMG those Str8up by Jeffrey Campbell!!!! HOT