Shoe Crazy

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Okay, I have bought at least 5 pairs of shoes in the past month! I guess this is my shoe season for real. Now I'm thinking about purchasing the pair below. I think I go through phases where I buy an abnormal number of a certain item for several months then I switch to something else. It's a vicious cycle, lol. But I can half way control my spending sometimes......well, a few times. Anyhew, what do you think about this lovely number below? Yay or nay?

Mikelle Platfom Knee High Boot

I need another pair of brown heeled boots and black heeled boots. But first up is the location of a brown pair. I think this boot will fit the bill. It's cute and the classic style will easily work from season to season (or as long as they hold up ;-). Plus, I can take an additional 30% off right now!!! SWEET!

Lemme know what you think fashion gurus :-)



Unknown said…
I am loving the boots! Those are HOT!
So beautiful, these are hot. I would buy them just to look at them haha.

Can you follow me on please. If they want to get ride of GFC, I don't want to loose you as a reader. Thank you so much.
I have these boots. They are extremely uncomfortable. I talked about these in my last haul. The arch on the shoes are way off. You will send them back if you purchase these. Me and my sister have them and she can't walk in her's either.
Unknown said…
They are beautiful shoes & with the added discount I would say go for it! But based on downtownchicagobarbie's comment, I wouldn't lol. I hate walking in uncomfortable heels, but beauty is pain.

Its so funny because I also go through a phase where I buy a ridiculous amount of certain things. A couple of months ago it was makeup, now I'm always buying shoes...smh

Ticka said…
The boot look HOT!... but judging from downtownchicagobarbie's comment, looks would be all they would be for. =(

What good is a wonderful pair of boots if you can't wear them. I say nay.
Lili said…
now those are hot! price isn't bad too
Arr said…
I like the length, color, and price but I am not a fan of the chunky heel. They haven't grown on me yet.
Kim said…
Cute and great price.
Fashion Pad said…
@Tereza....ummm ma'am, you would never lose me as a reader. I love your blog. It's in my favorites list ;-) I'll jump on Bloglovin when I remember my password. SMH

@downtownchicagobarbie....girl thanks a milli for the heads up. I do remember your post on some boots that set your feet on fire but I guess I didn't realize these were the same ones you were talking about. Trust me, I'll wait and find another pair.

Thanks ladies for your comments!
Unknown said…
Cute boot, but if they aren't going to be wearable then what's the point. People say it's the price you pay to be fashion, but uhmmmmmmmm NOT!! It's hard to be cute and uncomfortable!! :-/

Carsedra of:
Unknown said…
I was gonna say get them girl!!!! Those are hot! But if @downtownchicagobarbie says they are uncomfortable you maybe shouldn't...
Lisa R Charles said…
They are cute! Not liking the heal but everything else is lovely!