Outfit: Turquoise and Grey...and 1st Giveaway - **Update**

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday good people! I am SO happy to see the weekend. I had to take a breather from all social networking, blogging, emails, etc. I had a research project due that I honestly waited until the last minute to complete. So I have been experiencing some self-induced stress for the past couple of days. Then, yesterday, when the "rough draft" of my project was due......I find out the other two researchers didn't have their part. WTH??? I could have used the 50 hours of sleep I've neglected for my poor body. You know I read them the riot act right? I couldn't be too mad because as I said previously, that's what I get for waiting until the last minute. SMH Anyhew, I have a slight reprieve so I'm going to work hard on being effective with my time.

So, as promised, today marks the start of my GIVEAWAY! Yaayyyyyyy!!! One of you fabulous readers will receive the following $50.00 gift card courtesy of Fashion Pad!

So here are the rules:

1. Follow me on http://twitter.com/#!/FashionPad OR follow this blog via Google Friend Connect (GFC)

2. Leave a comment on this post with your email address OR Twitter username

The giveaway begins today and ends Wednesday, November 9, 2011. The winner will be chosen via a random draw. Good luck lovelies! I wish I could give you ALL a gift :-)

Last night, after I recouped a little from sleep deprivation, I caught up with a friend for a little chat. I really wanted to wear these turquoise pants and I was trying to tone down the bright color. I started out with a black top but it was just too drab. I then decided to pair with grey because it's a neutral color that complements most colors without brightening the hue. Take a look below to see what I mean.

I have the most serious case of "bed head" hair going on, LOL!

These jeans are super bright and I think the grey top provides a really great balance.

Cool statement necklace that I MUST use more often.

Did I tell you guys I absolutely LOVE dolman/batwing sleeves? I don't know what the draw is in particular, but they're so fun.

Oh my that hair, lol.

Necklace - Vintage
Top and jeans - Forever 21
Rings - Street vendors
Handbag - Cole Haan
Heels - The 'Dany' via Jessica Simpson Collection



Karima said…
Yah, I love giveaways. Just entered via twitter! (@ms_afolayan). Lovely outfit, I have thesame shoes in black
Dani Angel said…
for Giveaway. oh and i have those jeans. I got mines from NY&COmpany. I love them! they really go with more then i thought they would.
Unknown said…
Awww cutie, I hope you get the opportunity to get some rest! It will all be worth it in the end right?!

You look so cure as always and I'm super excited about your giveaway!

My twitter name is localceleb!

Have a great weekend doll!
Mimi said…
I already follow on Twitter. My handle is @glossymimi
We'll all been there when we wait until the last minute to do a project. I learned to stop doing that because that stress isn't worth it. I'm following you on twitter now. Loving how you put this outfit together.

Bri said…
What about your followers outside of twitter -

So here are the rules:

1. Follow me on http://twitter.com/#!/FashionPad

there is no 'OR'

2. Leave a comment on this post with your email address OR Twitter username
celyneglam said…
thank u for your comment on my blog :) great outfit! Soooo Cool!
I'm following u ,it's your turn :***

I love your Blue Pants ;-) looks great on you

Anonymous said…
Yes, you have to wear that necklace more often it's so beautiful! It matches your jeans perfectly. I've been searching for the perfect pair of colored skinny jeans and I had my heart set on a red pair but you have me seriously considering blue now! Thank you so much for offering a great giveaway! I'm following you on Twitter from @CpierceVT and @WoreOutVT
Unknown said…

Carsedra of:


Fashion Pad said…
@Bri....I'll update to say OR follow this blog with GFC. Thanks for pointing that out!
Unknown said…
Just in time for Holiday shopping!! LOL


Carsedra of:


Unknown said…
And I forgot to say how much I love your outfit! Thc combination of the grey and the blue go so well!!

Carsedra of:


Anonymous said…
love your outfit!! The colors are so perfect together & i always have a soft spot for Dany's :D lol

OH and yay for giveaways! Following you :) @hautepinkpretty

Bri said…
Thanks FP, I was feeling really unhip and old for a minute, lol-

Okay onto my information:


House of Brooke said…
U look CuYuTe!

You just gave me an idea for a pair of *LOUD* pants that I thrifted a week ago. Aha!

Twitter handle @OneVeronique

You look amazing, you really do. I love the bag :).
I don't have a twitter account though.
Ar said…
I want the gift certificate? What are my chances of winning? :)
Lisa R Charles said…
I'm already a Google friend! I will follow you on Twitter now! Really like how you put together that outfit. I agree the gray top much nicer than black and the vintage necklace, gorgeous!
Email: lisac@lisarcharles.com Twitter: lisacwrites
Anonymous said…
Sign me up for the giveaway.... YIPEE!!! affamiable on twitter!
Anonymous said…
bright jeans are so chic! love the outfit!

I follow you on twitter:) @alittlepetite
Veronica said…
I have the same jeans and the color is so versatile. I'm loving the statement necklace. My email is ntwngurl@yahoo.com. I follow the blog through GFC.
Zuqueta said…
I think I am already following! Now following on twitter @istylellc
Unknown said…
I'm in love with your amazing turquoise pants! Looking absolutely FAB doll.

PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and I would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

<3 Marina
wdn th said…
u loook great!!i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really reaaally appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member. 

and of course i will folback!!! :D also, u can mention me anytime on twitter @tiodang if you want me to check out your latest post & leave a comment ^^ please list me on twitter so i will know u're my blog follower.

i've just recommend your post to google!u can check it! that's what u got if you keep in touch with my blog too!! hope u will do the same ^^
those are some killer platforms, love em! and i would be so angry if my research partners didn't pull their weight! I hope you get credit for the work you did and you get to catch up on your sleep soon!
simplybeautifu4 said…
I luv the pants and shoes, super cute
Following via GFC mamavioletak at gmail dot com
JustPatience said…
Great Giveaway. Just in time for some BlackFriday shopping. Following you on twitter @JustPatie.

EmilyM. said…
Hey,Im a 13 year old girl and I draw fashion designs,If you wanna see it,go on crazykidstyleemcks.blogspot.com :)
Unknown said…
Love your blog, I just found it, and I'm following now! I hope you can check out mine!

Ag said…
Love your hair!!!!! It's fab!
Anonymous said…
love your necklace!

Anonymous said…
WOOOOOOOOO!! Just in time for a shopping spree giveaway! Already following ya on GFC and now following you on twitter (@vivavfriday)...FOLLOW ME BACK GIRLY!! xxx
Kenzie Leigh said…
great outfit and LOVE the shoes :)
Dre said…
Love the pants and necklace!

Following you via GFC (Miss Dre) and Twitter (@SoDreWrites)

LA Lynn's said…
WOOOHOOO!!!!! Such a great giveaway... Just in time for Holiday Shopping!!!! Well, you already know I follow your blog & twitter & have been following for a while now. And, of course, I am

BTW, the blue skinnies are KU-UTE!

Tavia Mac said…
Thanks for having this giveaway! I am now following you on Twitter. I am TaviaMac.

I love this look and the statment necklace adds a great touch!
Eboni Ife' said…
ooh-wee! girl, you know we are TBFF's (twitter BFF's) LOL!!

Pick me, pick me! fashionista.next.door at gmail dot com

...if I win, can I also get those jeans? #imjustsayin
Lili said…
I never win anything but will follow you on twitter... @ sweetpinkdoll
you look great like always btw
xo Dior
Michelle B said…
Following you on GFC Michelle B
- Kimbunnii - said…
Yay for free stuff ! I'm already following GFC, I need to get cracking on my twitter @kimbunnii. The pants are hot!
Candyce Nicole said…
Cute look!

I'm a follower on GFC and Twitter, of course. I'd love to enter the giveaway!!


Candyce Nicole
Arr said…
Following on Twitter @Dr_Reginia



Good Luck Reginia!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.