Outfit: Tights and Leather

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend lovelies!!! What did you guys end up getting into? I had my niece and and nephew this weekend and we had a blast......on auntie's dime, LOL! Boy for you parents out there I totally see what you go through on a daily basis and it is traumatizing!!! Whenever I have my "kids" for the weekend I notice how much I have to multi-task and how creative I have to be to keep them entertained and to prevent arguments from occurring every few minutes. Whew chile....I think I'm on exhibit X on why I may not have any kids. However, my mother just shakes her head at me and laughs. But I digress, I love my "kids" and I know it's more to parenting then the multiple weekends a year I spend with them alone. ;-) They bring me sooooo much joy and I'm proud to be their aunt!

This past Saturday we decided to go put-put golfing. I'm usually pretty decent, but Saturday I sucked so bad, I actually stopped playing around the 9th hole, lol. I blame it on the fact that I actually wanted to go skating but these jokers out-voted me, lol!

The place we went to was an indoors putting course. Everything was in neon colors...as you can see above. The fam enjoyed it. Hmmm....I'm pretty sure you can also see my stocking "panty" line as well. Sorry bout that folks.

I admit I was doing the most with my tights, leather jacket, shorts, and booties, LMBO! But we went to dinner first and I always try my best to "dress to impress" when I'm out. You never know who you're gonna meet!

My only hole-in-one of the night....smh

Who's bad?

Here are my little homies.....and big homie. The 19-yo and I almost jumped ship and abandoned them at dinner....but then we all had fun while golfing, lol. On the far left is my young nephew (extremely helpful and handy with EVERY thing), then my sassy and super smart niece (she's been taking the ACT/SAT since she was 11 yo), my oldest nephew (now attending college), and my other little super nice nephew (my bff's son).

I had so many photographers to choose from it was hilarious at how fast they tried to get away when I pulled out my camera, LOL!

Earrings/Jacket/Shorts/Booties - Forever 21 (wowsers)
Scarf - Nordstrom
Top - Urban Outfitters
Rings - Charlotte Russe/Street vendor
Tights - Bloomingdales (fab find at $2.99)
Handbag - Cole Haan

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Marcela Gmd said…
Wow You look so pretty!!
Have a nice day!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela
Unknown said…
I loved your shorts *-*


kiss ♥
ar said…
nice pics! that place looks familiar :) Have a great week!
CILLA B said…
Great ensemble
Dre said…
This is cute! You guys look like you had fun!
Unknown said…
Fantastic photos, and what a great Auntie you are :) btw, I need to have that jacket, I'll let you know where to send it.. lol
Have a great Monday!

Kim said…
I love your look and it's great that you spend time with the kids. Such a good aunt!
LA Lynn's said…
Girrrrl, I know EXACTLY what you mean about having a blast on a dime! Those are usually the BEST times though... U look sooo cute with your shorts & tights and the scarf is just the perfect POP of COLOR!
Anonymous said…
It looks like you had a ton of fun! I'm digging your shorts and tights look, I think you topped it off perfectly with your chic leather jacket and bright scarf.
You look so so cool, looks like a fun night out with friends. I miss that :).
Toni said…
Super CUTE Outfit!!! I Love the shorts with tights.. It's Casual but yet Oh so Sexy still.. I'm gonna have to copy this look LOL..
you look like you have a fabulous time, love your jacket :-)
simplychic said…
i love it! tights and shorts are soooo good...
Lili said…
too cute..
xo Dior
Wida said…
You look like you had a fun night! You looked great as well!

Missing Amsie Blog
Lisa R Charles said…
Tooo fly!! I love this combonation!!