Outfit: Sunday Chic

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

This post is going to be brief because I need to get my day started relatively quick. Early mornings really drain me.....I fight real hard to remain in REM sleep so by the time I get up I'm tired, lol. So the least I have to do in the morning, the easier it is for me to rise and shine. Oh well, below are pics from what I wore to church on Sunday. It was a little chilly in the morning so I was able to break out a scarf and sweater dress......then pull out a tank top that afternoon. SMH

I freakin LOVE this tribal inspired print!!!! Looking for another one....

Scarf - Zara (I think)
Dress - Express
Ring - Forever 21
Boots - JC Penny (for like $9.99.....no lie)



Unknown said…
Very cute, love the scarf too and the awesomely priced boots! Have a great Tuesday!
Love that scarf!!! Cute dress too. I like that color on ya.
MommiLouis said…
I've been checking your blog out for a bit. I am a young, mother of two who is trying to find a nice fashion space and I just wanted to let you know you inspire me fashionably. thank you, God bless.
Ashley said…
Cute Cute! Love that scarf :)


Prissy said…
I love this sweaterdress! The color is so pretty & vibrant. it makes the tribal scarf POP!!

Karima said…
very cute fall outfit. love the scarf and dress together
Unknown said…
hey girl, happy holidays! I love the combo of pink with the b&w scarf! And I really like the fit of the dress, the Dolman (I guess that's what it is...lol) style of the top with the fitted skirt/bottom. FAB!
Ticka said…
Love the scarf, and that dress fits you perfectly! Too cute!
Tavia Mac said…
Yes ma'am, I love that scarf too! I just love black and white with a pop of color and vice versa...color with black and white accents. Great look!

Kim said…
You look great as usual!
Erika L. Thomas said…
Love that scarf..Need a tribal print scarf in my collection. The color of that dress is hot.
Beauty or Swaag said…
im in love with your scarf : )

xoxo, Shariece : )

Arr said…
That scarf is gorgeous.
Sincerely Mally said…
I love this color on you!!! And boots for less than 10 bucks? Thats a win!!! BTW i have to agree, I am not a morning person either !!!!!

JustPatience said…
Love that dress on you. The color is gorgeous.

Marcela Gmd said…
Wow beautiful!!!
Have a nice day!

Besos, desde España, Marcela
Lili said…
love that scarf,
xo Dior
HeelsNposes said…
I love me a black and white scarf or black and white anything and that scarf is lovely. These colors really look great on you.

xoxo (till next time)