Outfit: Pleated Peach

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the holiday weekend!!! How did you all fare? I hope you guys were able to scoop up all the items you wanted....and restrain yourselves from the ones that looked like you wanted them because they were on sale, lol. It's hard, I know. But I think I did a good job this past weekend...mainly because I worked so I was basically unable to go out and spend anything significant #winning ;-) Let's hope I can keep this up throughout the holiday season.

Below, I've posted pics from my homie's baby shower that I co-hosted along with her mom and our other "sisters". I did a horrible job of snapping photos....but that's only because I was fulfilling my hosting duties so I couldn't grab my camera for those fab photo ops we had. Oh well. I did take a couple subpar pics anyway and I included them at the end. My outfit pics are clear because I took those after I left :-)

Yea.....still warm down here in the sunshine state. Boooooo!!! I don't care that it's fall, I dress for the weather people.

I broke out this new skirt I bought from Urban Outfitters.....lemme just say that they have the best deals sometimes. This lovely number was only $4.99!!! I felt like I was thrifting, LOL.

Lemme also introduce you all to my new statement necklace. Isn't she lovely?

Whoa....showing toooooo much gum in this pic. But I kept it because you can see the shoes really well at this angle. Oh the things I do and the sacrifices I make for this blog ;-)

Necklace - Street vendor
Tank and skirt - Urban Outfitters
Bangles - Nordstrom
Ring - Forever 21
Handbag - Cole Haan
Heels - Chinese Laundry via Piperlime.com

Like I said above, my photog skills were limited at the baby shower. I literally ran to get this shot. My friend's mom and little brother presented her with a very special gift. It was a tear jerker. And can I just mention how absolutely FAB her mom looks! She's 50 years old btw. Jealous!!!!

Still missed a full frontal look of my homie but that heffa was sooooo fly! She's a gorgeous girl and she continues to wear heels and dress supa fly throughout her pregnancy. As a fellow fashionista, I'm so pround of her *insert image of teary eyes and hand placed delicately over my heart here*

 That little bundle of joy is going to be SPOILED!!! Do you see the gifts? And those are not even the tip of the iceberg!

Publix cake.....I.DIE. If you ever visit Florida or southern parts of Georgia, you must stop in to a Publix (one of our fab grocery chains). Please don't leave without trying their cakes. They will make you slap a hoe for trying to take a piece without your permission. It's that good....trust!

Well, fun times were had by all. Until the next riveting adventure!



Unknown said…
WOW!!!! I can't believe her mom is 50! She looks great, as does your friend during the pregnancy. Your shoes are fab too :) x
Ticka said…
Looks like you guys had fun. And yes, the baby is going to be spoiled! But that's part of the fun!

Gurl, you looked good! Dress for the weather. I would too if I lived somewhere that was warm most of the time.
CheckMyFashion said…
wow the weather in florida is amazing!! love your heels, very tribal and boho styles! keep working girl!!

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Tavia Mac said…
Gurl...you made me chuckle a couple of times reading this post. This is a very cute outfit! Very flowy, dainty and feminine. Those shoes are hot!

Unknown said…
Love the outfit, the heels are too cute!!! The shower looked fun!!

See Shanequa I'm soooooo jealous right now that you all can still wear sandals, shorts and tank tops!!! Boooooo is right!! LOL It's been warmer than normal here in Ga which has been great; no need for skull caps, gloves, ear muffs, big coats. I like the weather to be warm enough to wear sandals, a sundresses, shorts etc... but also cool enough to some days throw on a scarf, some boots, a cute sweater or jacket and be gone. I HATE blistering heat and frigid cold!! It's suppose to be cold enough here tomorrow that they are predicting snow flurries, not looking forward to that!!! :-(

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Style4Curves said…
Very cute!! I am loving the necklace too!!
Lisa R Charles said…
Lovely outfit! I dress for the weather too and in GA you can never tell what that's going to be. Love the necklace, she is lovely ;-) Looks like it was a fun baby shower, even with limited pics!
I love this look, the skirt is so cute, the color looks amazing on you.
Unknown said…
OK.. First I'm gonna hate cause you live in a nice WARM climate and i'm freezing my butt off here in Chicagoland lol.. NOW on to the Super Cute outfit!! Love the skirt, statement necklace and lace up shoes.. and the mommy to be is doing it!! She looks fab as well. Great post :)
Maya said…
Her mom looks good!! Very cute!!

First off I can't believe her mother is 50. I wanna look like her. Second that skirt and shoes together is fabulous.
Cute outfit! Love the necklace and I am with you on this FL weather! It is suppose to get cooler this week so we'll see.
Bravoe Runway said…
Super jealous...do you know when is the next time I can sport a tank, short skirt, and sandals in Chicago????? AHHHH!
Tierra said…
Her mom is 50 wow??!

We've just really gotten rid of warm weather so I'm not quite jealous yet lol.. Enjoying this cold weather for now!
Sincerely Mally said…
Skirt + Necklace = thebomb.com!!! And you got the necklace from a street vendor?!! I wish!!
Sarai said…
Ooo I love the skirt! It's such a shame that I never wear them though because I'd love to buy a midi maxi skirt with pleats, love the colour too! xoxo
E. Harness said…
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that necklace! Don't get too comfortable with it. I'll be over to steal it soon. And those heels look phenomenal!
Fashion Pad said…
@E.Harness...now see you're gonna make me hide stuff from you, LOL