Outfit: Pattern Happy

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Thank goodness it's Thursday! One more day until my alma mater's annual battle with our rivals weekend festivities began. It's known as the Florida Classic between Florida A&M University (what up Rattlers) and Bethune-Cookman University. FAMU is gonna win sooooo......I'm just there for the entertainment. Take that Wildcats, lol! I'm so looking forward to it and my friends and family will be in town as well. Food, fun, and relaxation!!!!

Today's quick post will feature my budding love of pattern mixing. Ummmm....I'm starting out with simple patterns because this is definitely out of my element ;-)

This time I went with the tried and true....stripes and polka dots.

And yes....temperatures are still high down in these parts (in my best Southern drawl), lol. It's insane!

I also incorporated pattern mixing with my heels. They have a reptilian print.

Necklace - Bloomingdales
Tank - Forever 21
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Heels - Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom



Tavia Mac said…
LOVE IT! Mixing prints is out of my element too, so I can relate. I also started out with stripes and dots.

Love the touch with the shoes!

ar said…
ok, I am really :(. Looking good woman!
I love your skirt, really amazing, cute pattern.
Love it! the skirt is fab!

Ticka said…
Thank goodness for Thursday is right!! This week has been kicking my butt! =D

You look great! Love the pattern mixing and the color of the shoes.

Unknown said…
You're the cutest! Have fun and so glad it's warm enough to wear your adorable outfit! It's freezing here. I love the mixed patterns!
Bravoe Runway said…
Love the polka and stripes combined in this outfit!
Unknown said…
Very pretty Ms Lady... I'm jealous.. wishing I still had warm temps to wear those cute summer outfits.. You look Great!!
I like! So hating on you and your warm weather.

Unknown said…
I love it!!!! This entire outfit is sooo Carrie Bradshaw that it makes me love it more! You look fabulous mama!
Cathy said…
I love the look on you. I so want a pleated skirt too! ^___^ and yes I am very jealous of your Florida weather. XD please share.
Alina said…
Great look,hon!Love the skirt!
Sincerely Mally said…
Stripes n dots are always a win!! Love it!

1. Ooh! I have those shoes in gray! I need to whip 'em out actually :)

2. I print mixing and this is one of my fave combos. It just works!

2. Your hair looks like TheBomb.com!
Ninja said…
great combo! :D I am so shy about mixing prints, I should really try it more often.

xxx ninja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)