Outfit: Open Back

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend lovelies!!! I hope you all had a fabulous one. My Alma Mater (FAMU) played our rivals (BCU) in the annual Florida Classic......and we lost :-( Oh well, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. The family and I tailgated and my friends and I attended some of the events. However, yesterday evening I was a lazy bum so I missed this really cool jazz/open mic party downtown. But I had a really fulfilling weekend so no real complaints about that. So many pics to share but I haven't finished editing them yet :-)

Below are some photos I took a while back when I went out to a comedy show featuring Lavelle Crawford. Per usual I laughed my behind off and had so much fun catching up with friends and my cousins. I have such an awesome group of people in my life.....I'm so undeniably blessed :-)

I pulled out my new...ultra skinny jeans I bought a couple of weeks ago. These suckers fit like a glove, lol.

I love, love, loooovvee the back of this top. Don't you just enjoy that tiny bit of "wow" factor that a garment brings to an ensemble? People kept asking me "where did you get that" and I told them....I don't mind sharing the love. Besides, I bought this top several months ago so I don't think it's still available, which sucks because I would like to add another color to my wardrobe :-(

I can't get over this amazing treasure I found while helping my mom clean out her closet. This vintage magazine clutch is the bizness man!!!!!!

Sexy back!

Necklace - Forever 21
Top - Love Culture
Clutch - Vintage (mom's closet)
Jeans - Forever 21
Ringa - Forever 21
Heels - Zara



Unknown said…
love it! I also always share where I get my stuff from when asked also. i really like the shoes also.

Girl, Lavelle is funny but his breathing always makes me wonder if he has a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Too distracting for my "being medically educated" mind! LOL!
Ticka said…
You are workin those skinnies! That top is too cute!!! A nice addition to what seems like a cute subtle top. Love the shoes too! Very well put together. Sorry your team lost, but at least you had a good time.
Unknown said…
Very cute top and I love the color.
Style4Curves said…
That shirt IS sexy loves it!!!
Unknown said…
Hello darling, loving your ultra skinnies and that top! CUTE!
peggy said…
Miss Jack said…
I LOVE your top and the magazine clutch is wsup! x
I love your shirt, that back is amazing.
I love your top. And you are wearing those skinnies. You look HAWT!!!!

Unknown said…
You look stunning! Love this entire outfit! Now, can I have that fab top after you get sick of it! Lol
Unknown said…
This is a gorgeous top doll. Love the way you styled it.

<3 Marina
Kim said…
You look Hot! I want the entire outfit!
Oooh girl! I love this top! Your entire outfit is great!
Lisa R Charles said…
Lovin it! That clutch is definitely the bizness and the top, well....dayuum!!!
I got a shirt just like that. It is the business in the back. That clutch you found in your mother closet is a nice treasure. If I was you I'll be back in the closet trying to find some more vintage items.
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks ladies!!!

@EbonyCPrincess...BOL, u soooo silly!!!! I know he has to use a CPAP machine, lol.

@MadforFashion.....u can certainly have it pumpkin.
GFS said…
That top is the business!
Unknown said…
Ok now I like this outfit!! That top is very cute!!! And that clutch is so pretty!! Gurl if you are in the giving away mood I want that clutch!!! :-)

Carsedra of:


Crystal said…
love the look, cool blouse!

Tinu said…
That top is fierce!!!!
Jeeda said…
Diggin' this look! The blouse, the clutch the shoes...simply love.
Tierra said…
OH YES! I LOOOOOVE that top, it's soooo cute. I'm jealous!