Outfit: Color Mystery

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday everyone!!! So excited for this exhausting week to end. I've been rocking scrubs all week at work because we've been super busy AND short staffed! A pleasant little hot mess I assure you. But I'll be headed home to help my grandma cook dinners for a fundraiser. That lil woman can throw down in the kitchen and I'm gonna soak up her wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She the BEST (in my best DJ Khaled voice).

I also haven't been to the movies in soooo long. Maybe I'll check out what's playing in theaters. Lawd knows I have no earthly idea. TV, movies, videos...what the heck are those? All I know is blogging, tweeting, android, and Toshiba.......SMH! Times sure have changed!

The other night I took a friend of mine to dinner for their birthday. I feel bad because I was trying to get out of going because I was tired but I'm glad I went anyways because I enjoyed myself. I threw on this simple dress that I have had FORever but had not worn it for....well, whatever reason I tend to buy things that I do not wear. I've.got.to.do.betta. Anyhew, what really drew me to this dress was the color. I have no earthly idea what color it is. At first I thought it was brown, then in certain lights it looks like a deep eggplant purple. When I tried it on at my house, I thought it was gray. But now I'm not so sure. It's the weirdest thing. But I forced myself to pull it out and pair it with my new monster wedges. See below.

They don't look like much of a monster shoe in this pic....but I was at least 6 inches taller, LOL!

Maybe this dress is a slate gray.......

OR.......a purple/gray blend

Now from behind....these wedges do look rather doped up on steroids.

Now the dress is back to looking just plain purple.....idk. But I don't care. It's a nice casual garment to dress up or down.

Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory
Dress - Zara
Bangles - Forever 21
Ring - gift from friend
Clutch - vintage Carlos Falchi
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell

Have a safe and fabulous weekend.....



Karima said…
cute dress!! Those are some hot wedges you got there miss!
I love those shoes. I'm glad you enjoyed my last post. That's some powerful stuff and it's always great to look back on it to make sure the love is for the right reasons.
Cherrie J. said…
Love this casual chic look! Your wedges are gorgeous!. Girl I totally feel you on the crazy week, but TGIF!!!

Janique-HGB said…
Those JCs are hot! You look great!
Style4Curves said…
LOVEEE the wedges!
Baby Shopaholic said…
Yeah, the dress looks plum to me. Those shoes... I die : )
ar said…
lookin good girl!
LOL girl you are soo funny.. Whatever color e dress is you look Fab.. Its super cute on and I am drooling over those wedges and clutch!
Carsedra said…
You look great! The dress is really cute whatever color it is!! LOL I love love love those shoes!!!!!

Carsedra of:


You sure rock them....They look fabulous and I love your dress too!
Ticka said…
The even with all of the colors that you named, they all look great with the shoes. You did your thing! I know how it feels when you really don't feel like going somewhere, but you're glad you did. Glad you had a good time.

Jeeda said…
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!! You are hilarious lovin' your sense of humor (thought I was crazy;) and your style. Those wedges are serious...love. And I feel ya on the buying stuff just to buy...outta control. Anyway I'll quit rambling, you look fab and I am now following;)
Lisa C Writes said…
Cute dress! And the shoes...I gotta get my hands on ;-)
TheSanctuary said…
thanks for following.... :)

following u back hun, keep in touch...

J'Adore Fashion said…
Lovely dress! I have bee secretly wanting to the nude pair of those shoes!

Aaron said…
nice dress why havent you pulled that dress out till now?
Angelica said…
Love the shoes and bag! You should wear bright colored clothing to bring out your beautiful skin. Try a red dress to bring out the tones in the purse and shoes. You look fab either way. :)

Thanks for sharing! Love you blog, just followed it, I would love it if you could do the same:


And please comment on whatever you'd like.

Angelica xoxo
Davidovicz said…
I absolutely love your clutch bag. And of course JC shoes... They are really cool!
Bad Joan said…
That clutch is gorgeous!

Anonymous said…
clutch and shoes are fab!!

Your dress does remind me of an eggplant color. It's nice you left the dress simple because the shoes totally rocked. If your hair was up in a bun you would have looked so elegant. And I'm jealous you got to eat your grandmother cooking. I can smell the cooking through my computer.
love those wedges...
xo Dior
Yolandaas said…
I love this dress! And thanks for your comment x
i loooooove the wedges and it works perfectly with the dress! love the whole look! thank you for the sweet comment! i am now following and i would love if you followed back :)))
I love love them shoes and the clutch girl, you look fab!
Your shoes are ABSOLUTELY amazing!

Great look! =]
Tamara Styles said…
Love the look...you look just like my neighbor. I almost said what is she doing with a blog??? but quickly shut my mouth...anyway..great job!
Fashion Pad said…
@Aaaron....I just rediscovered the dress

@downtownchicagobarbie....thanks boo. My hair is too unmanageable at the roots for a bun, LOL

@Humanityisbeautiful...you're so cute and I'm definitely following back!

@tamarastyles....your neighbor must be one lovely diva, LOL!
Maya said…
Loveee!! The shoes are the bomb, love the clutch too!