Outfit: Classic Black

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I thought this past Sunday would be a time for recuperation for me. However, after I left church, my nephew and I traveled to our hometown yet again. This time I heard something funky going on with my car so I had to take it to my personal mechanic....my uncle! Thank the good Lord my uncle is a mechanic or I would have been in some serious debt with my past cars, LOL. He quickly assessed the issue and it was a minor fix...no need to even pull out the wallet. YEESSSS!

Later on that evening, I attended Orlando Magic Dwight Howard's All-Star Celebrity B-ball game. He was raising money for his charity. The event was held at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Floyd "Money" Mayweather was the coach of the Old School Magic team which consisted of Penny Hardaway, Matt Barnes, and other past Magic players (they won btw). Lil Wayne (Mr. Weezy F. Baby) was the coach of the New School Magic team which of course consisted of Dwight Howard, Gilbert Arenas, and other current players. The place was crunk and the entertainment was awesome!!! Every time Lil Wayne stepped on the court the crowd went wild. Some people tried to boo Floyd but Dwight wasn't having that, lol. Anyhew, I'm sorry I don't have any pictures from the event. I thought it would be cool to just take a clutch and use the camera on my phone. I guess I didn't realize how far my seats were from the court AND the line of fans/groupies that were waiting to capture a picture of Floyd and Lil Wayne. It was pure pandemonium! Oh well, better luck next time ;-)

I went with a classic black look for church. I wanted to go bright.....but I just wasn't feeling anything else in my wardrobe. I'm sure you all know how that is from time to time.

I love the draping on this dress. So elegant for such an affordable find.

My little nephew took these pictures while taking a break from riding his bike. He told me I had 2 minutes to get all the photos I needed, LOL. He, of course, was being funny. He knows auntie don't play with disrespectful kids. Besides, he's only 9 and he's such an adorable boy.

No I do not have a mustache. The wind blew as soon as he snapped and I only had 2 minutes so I had to keep this photo, lmbo.

Earrings, Dress, Cuff - Forever 21
Leather Belt - Vintage (men's section)
Handbag - Cole Haan
Heels - Zara



Unknown said…
Dress is very nice on you! Very elegant :) Im sure that was a fun game to be at :)
P.s. very jeaous you can still wear light/nice dresses out during the day. Its too cold in Ireland for that now :P x
Ticka said…
Love the dress! It's classic and fits you well. The splash of print with the heels is super cute!
Beautiful outfit! I love your dress very much. x
Unknown said…
You're so cute. I hope you enjoyed the game :)

Unknown said…
You can almost never go wrong with a classic black dress!! Looking Fab Gurl!!!!

Carsedra of:


Style4Curves said…
I love black and leopard sooo elegant
peggy said…
That is so great that your uncle fixed your car. You look great going to church. Now you know the groupie was going to be there.
You look so hot in that LBD!!! And the heels are rocking.
Lisa R Charles said…
Loving the shoes and the dress fits you nicely...sweet!
CeCe said…
Lol where in the world did they even find Anfernee Hardaway! My sister used to have the biggest crush on him! lol...gotta love the 90's
Unknown said…
You look absolutely FABulous!! Black is so chic and sexy!

PS. Following you back doll and also liked your Facebook page. Hope you can follow me there too here's my FB link:


<3 Marina
Unknown said…
You can't never go wrong with that "simple little black dress"! You look stunning and love, love the shoes! Great post!
Arr said…
Her Perfect Black Dress
Very chic and polished look :) perfect for church!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks pretty ladies!!! And @CeCe you're a HOT mess, LOL! Penny still looked the same.
Unknown said…
Fab LBD looking gorgeous x

Sincerely Mally said…
black and leopard is my staple!!! you look fab!