The Look for Less - Leopard Print Skinnies

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's FRIDAY.......oh wait, my bad, it's BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! So you know I went out and about in the mad dash to get my "sale" on right? LOL. Me, my mother, and aunt went out at midnight to hit up Wally World for their sales. I wanted to visit a few other stores but we were tired after that (long days with cooking and prepping meals). Surprisingly, it was really organized, and this was the first time I had witnessed every single checkout lane open in Walmart! Can you believe it??? I should have taken pics but I was too awestruck, lol. Anyhew, we got what we needed and got outta there. I heard there was commotion by the desks because someone apparently tried to skip the line and my bff said that women got loud and indignant, lmbo. Unfortunately, or fortunately for my wallet, I had to go in to work today so no more shopping for me.....unless I go out later ;-) Thank goodness I work tomorrow or my self restraint would be pushed to the max and I don't know if logic would have prevailed. #IJS

Well on to other more frightening leopard obsession continues. It's starting to get sad because I was sure that it was just a it's looking more like a trend. SMH I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and I bought these rock star inspired leopard skinnies by Tripp NYC.

They were on sale and of course I was all over them :-) Can't wait til this hot weather goes away so I can rock them. Then, yesterday, as I was periodically stuffing my gut full of dressing, turkey, greens, macaroni and cheese, etc., I saw this lovely pair of leopard print skinnies by J Brand below.

J Brand Leopard Print Mid-Rise Leggings Style Jeans

Yes, I do in fact need these in both color prints so there. However, I do not want to pay $200 plus bucks! So of course I had to find this look for less.....and I did, for a whole lot less!

Spoon Jeans, Leopard Printed Skinny Denim
$19.99 (on sale)

Look at that price!!!! This is a Black Friday only sale so I need to get on it quick before they run outta my size. I just wanted to make sure I shared this with you all first ;-)

On another note....what is up with my new love of prints? Weird but invigorating!

So how did your shopping hunt go? Or are you waiting for Cyber Monday? Do share!



I love this print, it looks amazing, I would love a pair.
I've been wanting a pair like these for awhile. I'm happy you made it out of walmart safe because I read people were acting a fool.
Jen Umm said…
leopard pants are on my xmas wishlist!
Unknown said…
these are both gorgeous.. i love leopard prints. x
Unknown said…
what a great find on the Macys look! I love it! Wonder if I can still find a pair? :)
Cathy said…
LOVElovelove these! I wonder if you found some great deals on Black Friday. ^___^.
Ayana said…
I think leopard print is only for those who are able to wear it with style.
Anonymous said…
Man great bargain find! Get 'em now, get 'em now!! Loovve leopard prints xx

Sincerely Mally said…
I was searching for a pair when i went 'black friday shopping' online lol. Didnt find any!! But i willlllllllllllllll :D
I've been loving these on everyone, but I haven't decided if I'm going to take the plunge or not. MIght as well, right? lol.

JustPatience said…
Great look for less. Cannot tell the two apart which is good.

Unknown said…
I love these pants, can never go wrong with leopard print! I went to Wal-mart on Black Friday too, it was crazy!!!!