And the Winner is..........

Greetings Fashion Pad Followers,

So today we have a winner in my 200 follower giveaway. Let's all give a big congratulations to.......Lisac@writes!!!! She's also the fab diva behind the blog Lisa C Writes . You must go check her out! Below is the random number generator I used. It irks the heck outta me that I couldn't post the generator's results. You have to just save the image but oh well, ya'll know darn well what it is, lol. The number generated was 15. I couldn't have chosen anyway because I would feel sooooo much pressure...and guilt. I love all my blogger friends!!!

Okay Lisa, I'm going to email you to get your address and send you a notification of your win via Twitter. Once again, HUGE shoutout to all you fab people who entered my giveaway. I'm so happy at the participation. Oh yea, and there will be another giveaway next month as my Christmas gift to you!!! Can't wait!



Lisa R Charles said…
Whoot Whoot!!!! Thank you so much, Shanequa!!! You can email me at:
Ticka said…
Awww, as a new follower I missed out on the giveaway!! Congrats to Lisa! Love the blog!