Reader Request - Kelly Rowland's Boots

Greetings Fashionistas,

Oh geesh it's Friday already! I know I'm usually ecstatic, but I fell behind on some things I had to get done during the week and good lawd...I have a really full day today.....and night :-( But I know I'll get it done. I have no choice, lol. Soooo...moving on to a reader request I received from Tanya.

Hey Shanequa,

Could you tell me what boots Kelly has on in the picture I attached? They look really good but I can't figure out what the whole boot looks like. Help!!!

Sure Tanya. Kelly always rocks the unique, and sometimes odd, shoe. But she stays fly so I ain't mad. Well, after squinting real hard at this image, I noticed the intricate weave on the shoe and confirmed my suspicions with a quick search. Kelly is actually wearing a super fly little bootie created by Iris van Herpen for United Nude. This is a truly unique design as I have yet to find anything to remotely resemble the booties. In other words, I can't even offer the 'look for less' for this style. Take a look below for yourself.

Crystallization - $995.00

This bootie is 3-dimensional! If you're wondering about the steep price, because the shoe is so complex and intricate, every last pair is handmade.....and of course it's 100% Italian calf napa. It's a fab shoe Tanya so if you got you boo :-)

Thanks again for the request Tanya.

Does anyone have anything exciting that they're getting into this weekend? I'm working but I still wanna try to get in a movie or something. We'll see. Please be safe lovelies....and bundle up ;-)



Marcela Gmd said…
Wow I love the bootie!!!!
It's fantastic!!
You have a lovely weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela
Andreea said…
Those shoes are making me drool!

Sam said…
Just discovered your blog, you have a great style. Following on Bloglovin'
Kelly knows style, she looks amazing.
Such a beautiful shoe... Can be displayed as a piece of art. :)
that green chanel bag is cute
Unknown said…
really nice shoes!
Unknown said…
Hey thanks for your comment hun!! Have a great day xx
Zarna said…
those booties are amazing!
Bad Joan said…
Love United Nude! They make the most incredible shoes!

CeCe said…
Those are really cute! I like how she wears them with a long pant in that photo.

Oh and to answer your question for puffy eyes, when I do have them I just try a cold compress first thing in the morning. I only get puffy eyes in the morning when I indulge in certain foods the previous day, but my main problem is dark circles. I also hear cucumber slices work for puffiness but I havent tried that one. Hope that helps!
Crystal said…
wow those boots are amazing!

Lili said…
I love that sweater she is wearing and the boots are definitely amazing
xo Dior
Anonymous said…
oh, my ... these booties are just pure genuineness! x
Unknown said…
mmmmmmmm chic boots darling...i like 'em!
simplybeautifu4 said…
I would soooo rock these!!!!
Unknown said…
hey hun, I just discovered your blog, and really love it!!! You have a great style and are really inspiring. Definitely have a new follower and a fan! If you get a chance pop up by my page, maybe you would like it ;) xoxo
Unknown said…
Wow thats amazing how you could tell from that small visible part...
Bravoe Runway said…
Those are some awesome shoes, $995 is a bit steep but the design is super unique!