Outfit: Turquoise and Tan

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Halloween (in my best Nightmare on Elm Street voice)! Did you guys take in any parties this past weekend? Or are you headed out tonight? I actually don't know what I'm doing. I made up my mind about my costume at the last minute and then I couldn't find a skirt (I've decided to be a dancer). My awesome mom made me a skirt in like 20 minutes flat so now I'm prepared, but I have no idea if me and the homies are going to go downtown tonight. You know how it is....it sounds real good when you're in the planning stages, then when it's time to go out, everybody start looking under and picking their nails, LOL. Please don't tell me I'm the only one that goes out "in their mind" all the time. I'm such a lame. SMH

Anyhew, it's turning out to be a busy Monday for me....which doesn't bode well for the rest of the week. But I digress. Busy can equate to fruitful so a big thanks to the most high! I went to church in jeans yesterday because I was headed in to work. The pics below are actually from last week's service. I pulled out this tan blazer that my mom found at the Goodwill. She knows I'm trying to do the whole thrifting thing so she scooped me up a $4 blazer. LOVES my mommy!!!

I paired my new blazer with this dress I got from Off Saks Fifth Ave about 2 years ago. I have never worn it. I think I'm going to vow to hold off making any new purchases  until I wear some of these garments I've been neglecting. It's just plain sad!

Holy wrinkles Batman!!!!
I was running super late...sorry. I'm sure my fellow church members were giving me the side-eye, LOL.

For church, this laptop case/clutch worked well to hold my bible and other items. It didn't even look bulky :-)

Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Blazer - Goodwill (gifted by mom)
Dress - Off Saks Fifth Avenue
Laptop Case/Clutch - Missoni via Target
Pumps - Zara



Tavia Mac said…
LOL@ Holy wrinkles Batman...way to way me up with that chuckle this morning. Wrinkles and all you look magnifique!

Thanks for the compliment and the follow!
Marella said…
perfect outfit dear!
Unknown said…
I did go to a *costume* party, but was so busy running around beforehand, [driving to my daughter's college to take her to urgent care/thought she may have mono] making a dessert for the party etc. that we decided to go as we were, I told everyone we're an African American happily married couple.. (They only thought it was funny the 1st 5 times I said it!) Have a great week!
Unknown said…
Love the outfit and the clutch, the colors go right together.

ar said…
"I think I'm going to vow to hold off making any new purchases until I wear some of these garments I've been neglecting." Great idea! :) Have a wonderful Day! I like the blazer. Very Stylish
Candyce Nicole said…
Love the colors in this look! WERK!!
Unknown said…
Great outfit!! And I understand about the wrinkles!! LOL I love the laptop case as a clutch!!

Carsedra of:


C'est La Viii said…
Omg, love the laptop case/clutch! My local Target had NOTHING left!! You are lucky!

Tammy said…
This whole outfit is straight up hott.. using the laptop case as a clutch, etc is nice.. this new clutch is to die for

- Kimbunnii - said…
Love this dress and the clutch is a great find! The wrinkles aren't too bad LOL
Unknown said…
I love wearing your laptop bag as a purse. I feel clumpy because my "church" bible is HUGE plus I have a lil notebook I like to write notes from the sermon...and then I have a clutch. I'm going to check tarzhay for a more fashionable option than looking like i'm headed to class...lol!
Girl that is a brilliant idea to use the laptop case as a purse. I must remember that. FYI if they are side eying you at church that just goes to show they need to be there. OK!
Unknown said…
Love the color combo! You look so nice!

love the colours! the blue and the baby pink match perfectly! :)

I totally know what you mean...I have moments when I am in love with buying one thing, & that's all I buy until I am into buying something else. I am sure we can get help for this.

& loving this outfit. Great color combo, & the laptop case turn into clutch, amazing.

Crystal said…
love the look! love the dress color

I LOVE this color combo!! The clutch/laptop bag was the perfect piece to pull all of the colors together!