New Addition - Herman Munster Booties

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Sooooo, I bought two additional wedges this past week. The pair I'm sharing today, I purchased while out of town visiting family. I was supposed to be "just looking". I don't know why I waste my breath saying that crap. Because you know, and I know, my eyes are always bigger than my bank account, LOL! The evil sales associate talked me into getting them. Let's blame her, lol.

I was anxious to wear these so I just threw together a casual ensemble while I ran some errands. These shoes were labeled as "burnt orange"....but I swear they resemble a brown hue in the above pic. However, they are so absolutely comfortable so who cares. I get excited when products are cute AND comfy ;-)

Now they look a little more orange! The shape of the bootie and lace-tie front automatically makes me think of Herman Munster.....IJS.
SN: I'm glad I don't have big feet or these would NOT work!

These earrings I scooped up from a street vendor earlier this month. My grandmother said they remind her of a pair of spatulas. LOL! Whew that lady is FUN-NY!!!

The wedges are indeed cute, but definitely a different look for me. It feels good to step outside my routine style pattern ;-)

Earrings and Rings - Street vendors
Scarf - H&M
T-shirt and Shorts - Forever 21
Cuff - Aldo
Handbag - Cole Haan
Wedge booties - House of Style


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15 lovely fashionistas commented:

Laura said...

Cute and comfy always does it for me! Those wedge booties are so cute!

LocalCeleb said...

Those are cute! They don't look Herman Munsterish.. lol!

Enjoy your day :)

Carsedra said...

I really like these booties and as LocalCeleb said they don't look like Herman Munster shoes!! :-)

Carsedra of:

LA Lynn's said...

LOL @ pair of spatulas!!!!! At any rate, you stepped outside of your comfort zone & look GREAT doing it!!!! :D

ar said...

Nice shoes and legs :) Have a great day!

Emmett Katherine said...

Those are very cute wedges!

vintage process said...

Great look! I love it!

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

It's so nice that the weather is warm and you can wear shorts, the wedges are very beautiful.

Mad For Fashion...For Less said...

hahahaha I love how you called them "Herman Monster" LOL. I have a similar pair in black and I love them. I am seriouslt considering getting the leopard print they have. Love your outfit and your "Herman" shoes are just fabulous!!!

Rose from Rosedale said...

love this look!!! cute and comfy!!!

I have a similar pair and they flop on my feet. Have you experienced this???

Dr. Reginia said...

The shoes...Oh the shoes. I must have those.

CeCe said...

so cute! I'm a tad jealous that you get to still be wearing shorts right now though! lol

Bri said...

I like those, and love how you paired them with an outfit that minimizes the "Munster"

Cathy said...

I love your look! and those wedges are hot. :3 I want some LOL. <3

iVeronique said...

Shoes LUV!
Spatulas>>Only Gma could say that. Any1 else would get a *spatsmack* HA!