Hot or Not???

Greetings Fashion Friends,

So every now and again I get a little catty and feature a questionable look worn by a celebrity that I want to discuss. I'm not a hater by any means, but I am a serious fashion lover so if something appears to be a little off......I notice.

Case in point; I spotted the below pic of singer Estelle on the red carpet at the Q Awards in London.

Estelle normally rocks her unique style but here......I'm really confused. I'm unsure if the fur stole has sleeves. It looks like she could possibly put her arms in it but that would be weird. The jumpsuit is definitely a little ill-fitted. The bodice is too big as it makes her breast look lopsided.....or that could be the way she's posing. There is also too much material bunching at the ankles. And those booties.....O-O They would be cute paired with a mini dress or skinnies but with this plum jumpsuit, they really stand out as awkward and plain "wrong". I won't even get on the handbag...smh

Remember, this assessment is strictly about the fashion. I still like Estelle. We don't always get it right we? However, I did want to point out that fit is soooooo important ladies. Please dress for your body type at ALL times and the most uncoventional outfits will at least be passable.

So what do you all think? Is her look Hot.....or Not?

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Unknown said…
Not Hot.. Nothing goes together-I don't get where she was going with this look..besides back to the drawing board.. sorry Estelle :(
Bri said…
Her pieces individually aside from that gasly thing on her shoulders are all hot. Her pose I believe threw off the bodice and I believe its just a super low cut and her bad posture just ugh. There also seems to be some "roll up" arond the ankles :(

I love her though, the outfit still screams Estelle!

ar said…
Estelle look a mess! :(
peggy said…
This time, I have to say: very far from hot, but I like the hair.
CeCe said…
I'm gonna go ahead and say NOT. But fashion is subjective!
LA Lynn's said…
JESUS!!!!!!! I can't get with this look at all! #SMH
Fashion Maids said…
I have never once seen Estelle wearing an outfit that suits her! seriously! The individual pieces are nice but she doesn't pull them off well C'monnn Estelle

simplybeautifu4 said…
Maybe she was trying to be different, but it's a hot mess. She should know better, she's usually on point. Tripping