Hot or Not?

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I ran across this pic of Keri Hilson and.....well, I don't know if it's just me, but doe she seem like she has yet to find what "style" works for her? She's all over the place! Case in point. Why put together the green glasses paired with the yellow patterned leggings and black fuzzy sweater????? She's losing me. She's a pretty girl and she's had some okay ensembles but for the most part I feel like she's trying just a tad bit too hard to stand out in the crowded realm of singing divas.

Miss Keri Baby needs a stylist. If you want your "look" to portray a fashion forward or eccentric style, you have to be consistent to be believable AND your looks must fall within that category or it just becomes an epic fail. I really would like to see some consistency with her. I know that she doesn't have to conform to society's pressures of being glam but I think you all can agree that Miss Keri's past looks lean toward the "I'm just winging this and hope someone notices me" styles. Let me put my plug in now.......I would LOVE to be her stylist. Somebody please tap her on the shoulder and tell her I'm available ;-)

So what do you all think of Miss Keri's style? Is it hot.....or not?

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Unknown said…
Far from hot. I like her booties in this outfit and that's it! Her leggings could be cool with another outfit entirely and I don't like the sweater at all..
Mimi said…
Absolutely NOT. Lawd, somebody get this child a stylist.
LA Lynn's said…
RING the ALARM!!!!!! Because I am about to set FIRE to this picture!!!! Now Keri know better than this... SMH!!!!

Ok, umma play nice... maybe she was on one!!!! LOL!!!!

*Lord, please forgive me*
Jani said…
I am a fan of bright bold legwear, but I think it would have looked a little better with a less fuzzy, longer top.

Zuqueta said…
Please, please, please tap her on the shoulder!!!! She looks terrible! I don't know why she doesn't have a stylist. There are plenty in Atlanta LOL! Great post!!!!
Unknown said…
This look is a miss for me too :( I think she is trying to mix a few different looks all together at once. Like fur (I know its not fur but it slightly looks like fur) Patterned pants and biker boots.....? No
:) x
Crystal said…
Def not hot! It's just all wrong..womp womp

Terrible all around. She needs to hire a stylist. I'm not a fan of her music either
She is brave, it;s all I'm going to say.
Veronique said…
Dear Fashion Police,

We ALL know you need a DAY OFF! But Y in the SAM PICKENS did you take this DAY OFF!