Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I hope you guys are having an awesome Labor Day!!! I'm off work and I've been sitting on my behind all morning. It's the good life for sure, lol. I'll be getting up in a couple of hours and heading out to the malls for a little sale shopping ;-) Tonight, I'm heading to a fashion show and it's all white so you know I'll be pulling out my favorite blazer, LOL!

In the mean time, feast your eyes below on my new obsession.

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk 
$169.95 www.solestruck.com

I love this shoe!!!  I can't believe that I want this heel but I can say it's less of a "Eddie Munster" shoe than the JC Litas. I got to have them in my closet. But guess what? These suckers are SOLD OUT!!! Yes, even the pre-order shipment is sold out :-( 

I added myself to the wait list. But it looks like I'm not going to be acquiring this futuristic heel anytime soon. According to Solestruck.com, the pre-order doesn't even ship until September 30th. Arrggghhh!!!

I guess this is my luck. I'm supposed to be on a shopping hiatus anyways....well at least until Sept. 7th when Zara goes online.....and then again when I go to New York this upcoming weekend. What a mess! *insert sigh here*

Have a good holiday people and please stay safe!



ATP said…
I love this shoe too!! great blog! I also became a member <3
Cami said…
I Love Jeffrey Campbell!!!
Have a great time tonight - found you on IFB :) xxx
Unknown said…
Oewh... Those are nice!
mycherrypicker said…
These shoes are crazy! I would be so scared to walk in them!!!

ps. Thank you for the lovely comment on our blog!

Ebay Finds > http://www.my-cherry-picker.com
That is some FUNKY shoe!!!! I can't wait to see your post from tonights show. Have fun!
House of Brooke said…
Yeah I returned my EDDIE MUNSTER LITA shoes two weeks ago. FOLKS was asking tooo many questions.

But I also like these! What would you wear with them?
Give me ideas (and maybe JUST MAYBE I will get my past shoes back!)
LA Lynn's said…
WOWZERS!!!!! The shoe is shoetastic!!!! N'JOY your night out!
I want those JC but they are sold out...